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What is the best import car ever made? :fu:

posted by  born to race

Looky here bud. You've made alot of mistakes. First of all this thread has no end. There is not a best import made. Second of all you introduce yourself before posting as it would be very respectful to the site and it's admins. Third off all whats with the FU sign?

This thread should end before it even starts.

posted by  VMJYogi

Yeah for sure man
this thread will become a record braker :thumbs:

posted by  Rockn-A-T88

hey man you got a problem if i put that on thier if you do :fu:

posted by  born to race

Seems we have another idiot like carNOVICE in our forums.

posted by  Nichol Bolas

What can I say.All the import cars is better then the domestics.

posted by  zook

:doh: its kinda ironic in that most "domestic" cars are imported and most "imported" cars a made domestically...

posted by  Low Impedance

True, but it doesn't matter where it is manufactured as much as where it's designed.

As for this thread, it is a pointless question to ask. It is all a matter of opinion. :banghead:

posted by  abless

i would like 2 know is this question directed at proformance, soup up ability, or realiablety

posted by  8G Galant

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