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Okay, this just can't be my imagination anymore!! Is it just me, or is there a recent flurry of cool commercials featuring women in more empowering roles than the usual and traditional "Mom figure" sitting on the passenger seat of the car?

I was JUST about to write something on this about a half hour ago, but then I got lazy. Fast forward to five minute ago and I saw the H2 SUV commercial with the Mom who drove her son to school. She was concerned about their moving to a new place and the kid starting a new school, but when he went inside, some kids who were standing at the door said "hey" to him and stuff, so she was happy that he'd be okay. But when when he went all the way inside it turned out that the kids were really checking out her ride. :thumbs: I know I would. LOL :laughing:

Then there's the Nissan commericial where a couple just drove up on a date and the guy puts his hand on her car and gets mentally taken for a ride. Then she takes it off and says, "not on a first date." I guess that was pretty cool.

Oh, another cute one is the one where the couple is on a date w/ the guy in the passenger seat, another driver cuts them off and he says "women drivers!" The next scene is him standing out in the rain and the lady zooming off. :mrgreen:

But #1 by far, IMO, is the "First Ever G6" commercial that's a combination between her stylishly preparing for work in her hot little attire and her getting into this car that seems more like a rocket, countdown and all. I think this is the commercial that has brought me closest to deciding to buy a certain car. Too bad I have no money whatsoever :laughing:

The one I didn't too much like, though, was the Cadillac (or was it a Jag?) one, I believe, where the woman is trying on different colored clothes in the dressing room and the cars are changing colors in the showroom to match. IMO it enforces the "little lady" stereotype where all a woman knows is the color of the car and that it looks "cute."

I also think all the "Car with a bow" commercials over the Christmas season were stupid. I just don't buy the whole surprise. Their target audience is either a) stinking rich, in which case the car you buy is probably too excluive to be on TV, anyway, or b) You've paid in full for a new vehicle, without discussing the expenditure with your wife first, or c) you've gotten a monthly bill for your family, without discussing it with your wife, first. Either way, she's still pleasantly surprised and I'm supposed to believe it's all nice and good :screwy:

posted by  JaneiR36

That commercial was for the Buick LaCrosse, not exactly a Jaguar.

posted by  moostang104314

So long as we're clear on all the details, then :screwy:

posted by  JaneiR36

There's also an older one where a car is zooming around like a racecar then stops and (surprise!) a leather clad attractive young woman gets out.

Also one where some lady is chasing a guy around in her car and finally gets him to get her spare keys back from him.

posted by  Mathew

And usually comercials are so true to life too.....

Anyway, it is no surprise that women are a growing market for the automotive industry. More and more women are either having an increasing say in the vehicle purchase or they are purchasing on their own. So the increase in car comercials aimed toward women (all types, even the cutesy ones) is just an indication that the car manufacturers want your business.

posted by  theman352001

True, business spend billions of dollars researching their industry to find who buys their product, what they need/want, what their price range is, etc. etc. Since half of car buyers are women, then the commercials target women in powerful roles, because stereotype women don't buy cars.

BTW, you forgot a commercial, it;s the caddillac one, where the car's zooming around, and then it stops, and a womans leg steps out, and the caption sez; "The perfect toy for your right leg".

posted by  Godlaus

Wow. I had no idea. :screwy:

And as for your silly little snide insinuation that I think commercials are always true to life, my point was if they're cool, they're more likely to get my money. I didn't think that one was. I also didn't think the point I was making was rocket science, either.

Godlaus, I haven't seen that Cadillac commercial yet!

posted by  JaneiR36

this is answered easily with a question....

do u guys prefer to see retired race car drivers, NASCAR drivers, old soccer moms wearing nuthin provocative, big smiling guys that u just tend to imagine that u are in their position n that they would die, or the really sexy ladies that are showing up lately?

its just like beer commercials!

posted by  Inygknok

If you drink our beer, beautiful women will have sex on your lawn.

Kudos to Family guy!

posted by  Godlaus

This is sort of off topic but...

My favorite car commercial is for the Mazda 6 I believe. There is a car zooming around an abandoned mesa, a woman wearing sunglasses is driving. The car seems to be following a seemingly random pattern. Then she stops and gets out, then uses her cane to feel her way to the passenger door.

I just liked the idea of a blind person driving, not in a condescending way, I just thought it was cool.

posted by  Zalight

Yeah, that was definitely cool. To me, the message was, "driving this car is such a thrill that even a blind person would want to experience it at least once." :thumbs:

posted by  JaneiR36

"driving this car is thrilling not only to your sight, but to your other senses as essence...its like having an experience

posted by  Mathew

I like yours, too, but there no "or" in the message the commercial gave to me.....

Oh, another one I definitely like is where the couple keeps tricking each other so they'd wake up first and get to drive the cool car. Boy, that'd get old fast!! :laughing:

posted by  JaneiR36

Wow you sure fooled me then.

Then why didn't you state it? Are you saying that this thread was started just to talk about car commercials?

What about this sentence?

Sure seems to me like your looking for some kind of explanation.

Why is it that you get so defensive?

posted by  theman352001

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