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What is a super car? It is a car that has to be very fast but ALSO handles like
bob sled!! Unfortunately cars like the Mclaren SLR does not match up to supercars due to its EXTREME weight of 1680kg, the same as a 6--series bmw! And that for a car made out of carbon fibre!! It should have very good power to weight and power per litre(engin capacity) ratios. A ford GT40 is NOT a supercar because again of its weight and power! Look at the Koenigsegg CCR and the (BEST CAR EVER) McLaren F1, the latter is !! years old!! :banghead:

posted by  BAAS BMW

een bmw of een mercedes zijn geen supercars
die merken hebben massaproducties, zelfs de m6 is geen superauto, je kan nog steeds je hele familie meenemen
en over een paar jaar is ie toch betaalbaar voor iedere beginnende rijder
dat kan je nou niet zeggen van "echte" supercars zoals de koenigsegg bijv.

posted by  pornking

Ok first off...who said the BMW 6 series was a supercar? No one. Not even the 7 Series is anything...

2nd...I agree that the Benz SLR is not a's more of a grand touring car...

3rd...the GT40 is a handles, it has power, and it has the looks...just ask Ferrari back in the late 60's if they respected the GT40 enough...not really...they lost 3 years in a row to them!

4th...the Enzo weighes just 100 lbs lighter than the GT so weight is not a limiting factor

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I'm not quite sure what you're ranting about here, but yes the GT40 was a supercar, and the GT is a supercar.

posted by  Mathew

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