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good news for me, i just got a scholarship to a university i applied to, which means for me, i get to get a nicer car :mrgreen:

my parents will match any amount i put in for a car... and im looking at a grand total of about $35k...

my dream car is ofcourse the saleen (pictured below :wink2: )

some others would be

evolution 8
subaru sti
used m3

i know this "what car should i get" question is becoming redundant, but i really would appreciate some feedback...


posted by  mirot

Well, because you have the money to spend, doesn't mean you should dump it all into the car itself. Think of something a bit cheaper that you can possibly mod... it'll give you a new appreciation for the car. I would go with an Evo III and mod it like crazy. That's just my :2cents:

And, not to sound like a total idiot by going off topic in the first reply, I would get an Evo VIII if I had to pick from the three.

posted by  Nichol Bolas

i guess you are kinda right... but for me, ive been saving up just to buy myself a real nice car one day, and i know its going to be expensive.. i am one of those guys who appreciates the "factory specs" and pricetag for the matter of the car i am driving... i dont really see myself modding something...

oh yea... add an R32 to the list :)

posted by  mirot

An R32 is hard to come by and can be pretty expensive. If by "nicer" you mean faster, than the Evo or STi are great choices. To me, however, I think of "nicer" as being more luxurious, and would buy an Acura or Infiniti. But if speed is what you want, you need to make the tough decision between the Evo or STi, which is not a field I'm very good in. Good luck! :thumbs:

posted by  moostang104314

First off an Evo III is illegal/not legal for street use in the USA...the Evo VII was the first car to be legal here but was not brought by Mitsubishi...a company called Evolution Imports did it...they bring other cars too...check their site

posted by  NISSANSPDR

i'm sorry.... but i'm pretty sure it street legal...

those "evolution import" people probably offer the same car with aftermarket parts.

posted by  mirot

No...the Evo 3 (III) is race only...

If you trying running it on the street and the DOT or EPA finds out...they'll impound your car and/or trash compact it!

There are some pics of a R34 Skyline that was crushed b/c it was here and you'll find them on the net

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I'd got for EVOVIII if I wanted to go fast, or a G35 (i don't know if it's more that 35k) which is more luxurious and fast too

posted by  RusMan

i would buy a car and mod it like and old Evo III or a butsed ass old NSX or a 3kgt VR4TT or a early 90s Rx7 :mrgreen:

posted by  8G Galant

Seems from the last few posts that I've found a favorite among car modders :D

posted by  Nichol Bolas

I was going to say get an early M.Y. E46 M3 and throw some nice rims on there, but it's already on your list.. so it shouldn't be too hard to convince you. That car has such authority/status. Especially if you get a laguna seca blue one.. looks like a ferrari coming up from behind.

posted by  E36DJ

if you want a nice car go with the new 2005 MR2. they are fast and are confertable. but the evo is a nice one to get to so i dont know go with what you think is best for a daily drive to school and work and home. cause if your not in to moding and racing then there is no point in getting a car like an evo.

posted by  Sniper1

yep, i'd go with the new Evo if you can afford it, because i've got NO clue how much $$$$ you need to get one.

posted by  jdubya

A Evo RS is around 26k

A Evo GSR I think is around 31k

A Evo MR is around 33-35k

He has 35k to he probably can get any of the three levels...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

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