Anyone know the 0-60 for the automatic Rx8?

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posted by  tazzydnc

Do a google search..

posted by  Zenith

Ive done like 8 but can only find the time for the 6 speed manual.


posted by  tazzydnc

All it takes is google sort=lr&modelid=3425&start=1&show=atl

Besides, the rx-8 is a sports car, why would you want an auto?

(Further info)

posted by  Godlaus

9.5 seconds to 60?
Ouch. Just about every other car Mazda makes will beat that. What were they thinking?

Mazda 6s
8.1 seconds

Mazda 3s
8.0 seconds

Mazda MX-5 Miata LS
8.0 seconds

Are you sure that is the correct time? Even a 190hp VW Passat beats that time....
VW Passat
9.2 seconds

Other cars with an RX-8 tying 0-60 time:
Chrysler Pacifica AWD - yes, it hangs with a mommy mobile
Ford Escape Hybrid - A hybrid!
Kia Sorento EX - Beat by a Kia. ...and an SUV Kia to boot.
Saturn VUE AWD redline - An SUV Saturn... sad day for Mazda

Again, are you sure about that being accurate? Something just seems so wrong about that...

posted by  Gothicaleigh

i really wouldn't doubt that at all
those cars are slow, and the aftermarket for the renesis is very very slowly growing.

posted by  b_DuB13

Damn that is slow as shit...

posted by  DeathScythe

maybe the guy who posted that is full of it. I have found anywhere from 7.2-9.5 on various forums but no place that is reliable, and that is what I was hoping to get here, but I have read way more 7.2-7.5 than compared to that one at 9.5

posted by  tazzydnc

the automatics gearing sucks...alot. That and the rear diff gear is a smaller ratio so it gets a higher top speed but acclereates slower. still worse the auto shifts before it can reach peak HP. So that is three strikes against the auto 8. The 6 spd is like 3 or 4 seconds faster 0 - 60, driver pending. did u buy an auto rx8? sigh....

posted by  Low Impedance

no I didn't get one but I was considering one. I'd prefer manual but my parents aren't into that. They say I have to get an auto in whatever I buy. Also has to have 4 seats and my price limit its around 30,000. Any suggestions assuming I have to get auto?

posted by  tazzydnc

what the hell do they have against a manual? get the 6 and tell them its auto??? If you have no choice, you might be disappointed in the 8 as an auto.

posted by  Low Impedance

$30k puts you in the price range of some nice cars. Forget the RX8.

Try an Infiniti G35, Cadillac CTS, or BMW 3 series... They all start around 30G and come with respectable performing automatics.

posted by  Gothicaleigh

one, the rx8 is a nice car...was a 6spd

two, get the G35!!!!

posted by  Low Impedance

my mom cant drive one so thats what she has against em but I'm gonna try and teach her and maybe persuade her. I've had several people recomend a g35 to me, but the closest infiniti dealership is an hour away. Not only that, its 34 or so with options, so a little outta my range, but an 04 might be nice . . .

what about a wrx?

posted by  tazzydnc

just teach her! really isnt that hard. my mom drives 5 spd and WANTED me to get a manual. not that im rotary biased :mrgreen: but get the 6spd 8 if you can. with the manual, youll like it.

Ah the aftermarket for it is growing DAMN quick for true quality parts that you would want to buy.

posted by  Low Impedance

just test drive some cars. thats really is the best way. and do each more than once after each other and narrow it down that way. Honestly, no one can tell you want car you want.

posted by  Low Impedance

again I'll try but knowing her she might not even give it a chance. Last time she tried was 15 years ago and she had trouble but I think manuals are much improved since then.

posted by  tazzydnc

15 years alot has changed. the shifter feel is much better, the clutch is much better so basically everything has changed. They are very driver friendly. tell her youll give her 30 bucks if he learns :mrgreen:

posted by  Low Impedance

Have to consider the RX-8 auto is the crappier 4-port intake rotary which is rated at 197 crank hp (and is really a lot less, more like 185 crank hp). The 6spd manual is well over-rated too at 238hp (and is really more around 220 crank hp).

Good thing is the automatic RX-8 will cost you no more than $24k really. They are selling left-over 2004 6spd new RX-8's here for $25k (that retail for $32k).

Other suggestions I have are:
Altima SE-R
Accord EX-V6 (coupe or sedan, both seat 4) w/HFP

If you're into a little used, I suggest looking into a TL Type-S. These cars were fun to drive and with the Comptech blower can really be made into an ultimate sleeper (had a factory limited slip).

posted by  thunderbird1100

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