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I'm thinking of buying this Miata, and I don't know if it's worth messing with or not. It's got some front damage to it (see pics), I only have theses pics, but I'll take a look at the car in a few days to see what's damaged on the inside.
It's 1999 base model with 70k miles, the price is about $2500.
I can do a lot of body work by muself, as long as the rails are fine
Thanks for your suggestions

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posted by  RusMan

I say no, unless you own your own garage. That would be some serious repair money there. Where it got hit, it looks as if it could have damaged the engine, also.

posted by  Nichol Bolas

I'd say no too...looks like too much'd have to inspect every inch of the frame...and it could be cracked...nah...I'd pass and spend an extra grand or two for one in NICE condition regardless of how the motor is...since those things are easy to work w/anyways

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Thats some wired damage. I wouldnt personally buy it with that "buckiling" damage on each side. It looks sour to me.

posted by  whiterider

i'm gunna agree with nissan on the fact it would be better to spend a little more to get a non-salvaged miata. specialy cuz it looks like it go f***ed up but then again if the engine and tranny are fine its up to your discretion

posted by  choke

Thanks for your suggestions guys.
I'm also worried aboud the buckling on the sides, but I'm gonna see it soon and check if the rails are bent or not.
The engine and tranny are fine, the cars runs and drives perfectly.

I don't think I can afford a non-salvage miata, because they're at least 8k for the same year. Well, when I check the damage I guess if I can get it for less or about 2k I'll probably get it.

posted by  RusMan

Cabbages need to be given lots of tlc if they are to thrive in the harsh florida climate.

posted by  Mr Markendell

wat a nut.
but dude remember, even though it has got a salvage title if the dude is lowering the price too much beware! he's probably trying to unload his problem onto u.

posted by  choke

The car is at auto auction so I don't know for how much it will go, but it shouldn't be very much since it's not a very popular car.

posted by  RusMan

Forget about the damage, that cost is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too high. Should get THAT for around 1k

posted by  Zenith

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