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If you're still here, inygknok, I want to know a little more about the Supra in your sig. You don't seem to talk much about it, and it's a beautiful car. If you're still here could you tell us a little about it, or if other people know and can share?

posted by  moostang104314

yea im here, pc still screwed up so i can only connect here at college on tuesdays and thursdays and whenever im at my gf's house n she n her dad arent arguing (happens a lot).

i dont talk much about my car now since i took it apart a great deal. not everything since i do live in an apartment and its not really very comfortable to do it in a parking lot with...... like 214 other cars around.

im actually currently selling the old parts i took out n that i plan on replacing. i have my list somewhere around here saved in the Uni PC......

--------------exactly 2 minutes later:

found it. just a note to the mods, im not mentioning the parts im selling in order to make sales, just posting them to actually talk about the car since i dont really know wat to say :wink2:

* Radiator
Fan Clutch
* A/C Fan
* 3000 Pipe
* Complete Rear Seat Assembly (nuts and bolts not included)
* Fuel Injectors, 6 in all, 440cc Low Impedance
* CT-26 Turbocharger (Recently rebuilt)
* Turbo Elbow
* Calipers (All 4)
* Brake Disks (All 4)
* Oxygen Sensor
3-inch Exhaust Pipe, no cat
Fuel Pressure Gauge (liquid filled)
HKS Blow-Off Valve (2” pipe with flange included, stock fit)

i think i may even be selling more stuff afterwards.... depends on how things go. the original plan was to use the money that me n my mother have been waiting for from a case of some events that happened last summer.... but u know everything goes slowly in the legal world when it comes to the client getting his/her money back. then my gf offered to help out once we started going out... but she has a responsibility problem (she says "ill do it later", ive been waiting for my copy of Halo 2 for 6 months or so now.). i also had to help out my mother fix her corolla up a bit just to make sure nuthin happened to her plus pay for college n valentines gift (ill make a thread in Off Topic n say wat i did n post pics once the film finishes, it was on a normal camera :ohcrap: ). so everything ended up pretty krap for the car, but im not giving up n im finding ways to get everything together.

i took pics of the car as it currently is (dismantled). ill post them too when the film runs out..... other than that. well, i had decided i wanted a supra quite a few years ago..... maybe around when i was 13 or 14.... cant remember. i always loved it, just never was sure i would ever get one. when i finally turned 16 (almost 20 now) i started looking for one,but i didnt want the cheap model). so almost 2 years ago i finally found it on an internet site. the guy had been trying to sell it for a year, to no avail. he had even reconstructed and tuned up everything (except the clutch and stock turbo) while he tried to sell it. i got it for $5k... n had to drive all the way to Caguas to get it (get a map of PR, and look for Guaynabo, thats where i live. in person and with our traffic, its a 30 minute drive in the hot sun since it was summer time n the A/C in the corolla wasnt working at the time). so i finally got it. first month with it i blew a tire doing 130 mph or something n got it on a video that my gf has stored for me.... if anyone finds out where i can upload it to feel free to tell me n ill post it up.

just once i took it to the drag strip over at Salinas. had a friend turn up the boost to 11psi and another friend lent me some wheels with some Nitto's mounted on... ran against some cocky 40 year old doctor or lawyer that kept saying that my car was too old. he ran a 13.9.... i did 13.7-something :smoke:
of course, i ended up smashing the clutch (not really, the throwout bearing just squeals and the shifting got weirder every month, but it was worth it). so i turned it down to 4 psi again n promised not to do any of that ever again until i fixed it up n do it only on the track...... christmas came n me n my friends went krazy doing filming in the night. did a small burn out next to a cop (completely by accident, had the lights off -the cop- n my friend started screaming, managed to hide in another friend's house for the night cuz it was just a minute away). next morning we wake up and a tire blows up. seems it didnt hold on all the turns of the previous night...... never buying used tires i dont know the brand of ever again (Fulda's i think?).

i originally wanted my car navy blue.... then i fell in love with the white....

the crash in the front bumper (my first accident ever) happened cuz im hypoglecemic (sp?).... didnt eat all day.... fainted while coming out of a green light doing 10mph in a crossing.... another guy went against me in a 2002 Baleno..... i smashed his front bumper, front axle, left fender, part of the drivers door, front left wheel... n he hurt himself with the air bags. me n my passenger (co-worker) just got terrified. the other guy's mother showed up with the cops n asked if we were all ok n everything turned out just fine. 1 hour after the crash i went to my gf's house (the one i had at the time) n cried for like 30 minutes. her grandma said, "thats wat u get for racing in that Wasp thing".

The Wasp was the first actual nickname the car got.... by a krazy old lady....

other damages happened when the stock turbo finally died. the bearing went a bit krazy n the blades got a bit jammed. took the car to a cousin of mine since i didnt have the time to fix it, n he had some retarded "expert friend" of his have a look at it..... they revved the car all day and night.... even took it out for a drive without my persmission.

car came back, turbo was reconstructed with Toyota parts..... but hoses were disconnected, serious misfire was going on, fuel filter was clogged up, n the transmission was screwed. his "expert friend" tried to sell me the turbo from an MKIV Supra TT..... i told him i would sue him next time he said something like that n when i finally saw the turbo it was the very same stock CT-26 that my car comes with..... made them admit everything they did with the car and got my money back n never again have i ever allowed anyone else to touch my car without my permission, supervision, and assistance (only 3 people have done so ever since, my mother, and 2 friends and i was just teaching them wat everything was).

n thats everything im gonna write for now cuz i gotta do some HW for english class n thats in 2:30 hours.... so anything else just ask me cuz i dont know wat else to type....

posted by  Inygknok

thats quite a story. good luck with your supra, and was the nickname in spanish? la habispa or something like that?

posted by  choke

well im lucky enough that my gf just allowed me to get on her pc, even though its 2freaking am.

yea, the nick was originally in spanish. it was "El Avispon".

posted by  Inygknok

well, i finally got pictures of the car that i can upload. my gf is so lazy that i had to go around asking for a digi cam. borrowed one a few days ago and today is the first day i have a PC available. so here is wat ive done with the car up to this day. still, im having problems since the pictures are too large..... actually, they are small, but carforums doesnt like files bigger than 100kb :(

ill be trying to find a way to get them here eventually...... might have to make a geocities account just for that :P

posted by  Inygknok

ok solved the problem. just used cardomain to get the job done. below are the links to the direct pages, hope u like them!




posted by  Inygknok

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