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Here's the deal... A few months ago my 1999 Honda accord overheated while I was driving. I pulled into a mechanic and asked them to take a look. Right away they said "you are going to need a new engine". I called my dad freaking out and he had me take it to our mechanic. Basically there was oil in my coolant tank and all through the radiator. The engine kept over heating. So we had the radiator flushed out and kept doing that until it seemed to be almost gone. Well, it kept coming back and overheating. I think now they have realized that there is a cracked engine block (they think) and they have put a new engine in for me. I have now realized that there are other accord owners having the same issue. Does anyone know if this is correct? Should I be contacting Honda? Is there a recall coming??? Help!!!

posted by  kelkor79

If you have a cracked engine block, then yes, you will need a new engine.

posted by  Zalight

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