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can anyone tell me how i can go about finding out which other cars have the same transmission as my 81 citation? the guy at the shop wants twelve hundred dollars to get this back on the road. i bought the car for only a few hundred dollars and it would seem silly to me to spend that to get it running again. the car only has sixty thousand miles on it and i would like to keep it. any help would be appreciated. thnx, fred.

posted by  fredhedd

Before you go for a total rebuild try this:

This transmission is a front wheel drive, 3 speed automatic. Common problems are: The transmission shifts soft and early. It shifts hard and late. The engine stalls as you come to a stop when the engine is hot.

Always check the throttle pressure cable that goes from your transmission to your carburetor or throttle body depending on the configuration of your engine. This controls the shift points and sometimes the heat causes the little plastic connector that holds it on to become brittle and break, causing erratic shifting.

Now to fix the engine stalling problem. Check your lock-up solenoid in the transmission side pan. The majority of the time it sticks when the transmission becomes hot.

This is information specific to your 1981 Chey Citation Transmission

posted by  amegalo

thnx for your help. when i bought the car it was having both of those problems, the shifting hard and late, and the almost stalling at stops. unfortunately the transmission has stopped working altotogether now and none of the gears work. i had to have it towed to the transmission shop, who told me the whole thing was shot. that's when he told me it would be twelve hundred dollars for a new one, which was the only option. i would like to go the junkyard and look for an old one instead. it would be nice to have a few different cars to choose from when i go there. i have heard that the fiero has the same tranny. i will be looking on the internet today to find out more information on this.

posted by  fredhedd

is it possible that the little plastic piece that you speak of could have broken off completely, causing the transmission to be unable to shift into any gear? nothing happens when i move the shift lever. the mechanic told me i need a new transmission. it was making a very loud noise when the car was running, before all of this happened. also, do you know where i can find out which other cars were made w/ this same transmission?

posted by  fredhedd

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