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Date: 2/19/05
Time of incident: 4:30 A.M.
Location: Phoenix, Az.
Proximity: 19th Ave & Aster Dr.

I am posting this not to find my car (because I TOOK IT BACK); but to give hope to the victims out there and maybe catch the piece of crap that got away from me on foot.

At 4:30 AM I heard my "73" Nova being started by someone other than me. I immediately threw on some clothes and pursued the scum bag that thought my car should be his, in my "96" Jeep Cherokee 4X4. He had pulled out on 19th Ave south bound when I caught up to him. I don't think he realized I was there till I decided to try to "spin him out". I tapped the rear bumper of my Nova with my Jeep trying to pull a "COPS" move; but I was too far center to do anything except let him know he picked the wrong car to take. So I then accelerated and pulled left to get along side of him. When I was where I wanted to be I cranked my wheel to the right and clipped the left rear quarter panel of my Nova. Due to the unseasonable rain that was falling my Nova spun faster than I expected and smashed the drivers side door into the drivers side front end of my Jeep. This on the plus side shattered the Nova door glass in the scum bag's face. I immediately braked and watched him spin 2 more times. When my Nova was done spinning I circled it, like Indians on a wagon train, waiting for him to exit my "BABY". He looked like a ground hog popping his head out of each of the front windows trying to decide which way to escape from me. Finally I stopped on the passenger side and yelled to him to "GET THE F?#K OUT OF MY CAR". He actually replied to me saying he was trying. He had two choices...

A - climb through the drivers side window over broken glass (the door was too damaged to open). or
B. - come towards me where I was for sure going to kill him one way or another.

He chose the broken glass (good choice for both of us). He fled on foot and ditched under a security gate at an apartment complex to the West. I could not make it under the gate; so I went back home. My girlfriend who was still on the phone with 911, gave me the phone. After all was said and done the Phoenix Police Dept. not only told me great job; they told me I should have ran him over so they could "take him in". They said they would have reported it as me losing control of my Jeep in the rain. IF ONLY I KNEW AHEAD OF TIME. Unfortunately the "Lucky Bastard" got away. I want this "SOB" caught and prosecuted. If you know anything about this incident please contact me at eenglishiii@aol.com . I want everybody out there to know that although you must assess your risks, you must stand up for what is yours and for what is right. If more of us let the scum that run around taking what is not there's know that we will not stand for it maybe they will heed us instead of take advantage of our easy going laws.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it has inspired some and empowered others. On the flip side assess your risks and make sure it is the right time to make your point without risking yours or someone elses life. Please feel free to contact me "someone who refuses to be a victim of the unscrupulous and the weak laws we vote for" @ eenglishiii@aol.com.


posted by  jeepmaniii

God damn white boy :clap:

posted by  whiterider

Your my hero. :screwy: :mrgreen:

posted by  EvilPodAE

Very nice my friend! To bad you damaged both cars, Is your insurance going to pay for it?

posted by  Zalight


way to go making that dumbs**t fear for his life

posted by  vlachen

Crazy story. You should have apprehended him...

posted by  DodgeRida67

and by apprehend, you mean beat him with his own arm after your tear it off.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

No! They said I caused it I pay for it. I should have waited for the police to pursue him.
I barely caught up to him and all that went down and I got back home before the police even arrived on scene. So how were they going to pursue a car they didn't even see? He would have been in a garage stripping her down by then.

posted by  jeepmaniii

Like I said it was a good thing for he and I that I didn't catch him. I am tired of being ripped off and I probably would have beat him like a crazed gorilla untill the police showed up!

posted by  jeepmaniii


posted by  Zenith

'Nuff said. :hi: :orglaugh:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Get Him Get Him Get Him!!!!

posted by  aeroz19

damn that sucks!

posted by  Mrixon

I am still looking for him. I have been putting the word out through the local shops and a few youngsters I used to work with that run the streets in the area. I honestly don't have a snowballs chance in hell of catching this guy; but I'm not giving up anytime soon.


Since that night I have been very pissed off and haven't touched my car. So I finally go out to work on her after I got home from work yesterday; and imagine my suprise. I was cleaning out the broken glass and I straigtened out thesheet covering my front seat and out pop's f@#$ing crack pipe. That little bastered was smoking dope in my car before he took it. Whacked out little peice of s#*t. She was raped in more ways than one.

posted by  jeepmaniii

That's an AWESOME story. Great job!!! The story would've been better if you actually caught the guy and brought him to the cops, but hey, he got away, what else is there to say. I really enjoyed reading the story! :thumbs:

posted by  moostang104314

spend a coupe bucks and get a saliva sample on the crack pipe....then you can find him and beat his ass with the pipe :laughing:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

Holy crap, that can actually work. Give the crack pipe to the cops and ask them to run a DNA sample and see if matches anything in the data bank, if it does you just might catch your theif.

posted by  Zalight

Yooouuuu, your good you.....
Eclipse & Zalight are almost on to something; but don't you think with my anger and my "new found anger" I have covered most if not all the angles? No offense guy's I am still open to options, ideas and info from people in "Phoenix" that know anything; because I know somebody out there knows something, I already thought of that!

It wouldnt work and let me tell you why. Don't get me wrong I really appreciate what the Phoenix P.D. did for me; but they slipped up. Due to the adrenallin I had going I did not think of getting the car finger printed till about 8-10 hours later. I called P.D. and asked them to come out and handle what they should have done at the scene. When JR.1 and Jr.2 showed up they appraised the situation and told me because the drivers side window was broken, it had obviously exposed the interior all that time to whatever possibilities could occurr, the "CHAIN OF CUSTODY" was broken and they could not prove when the finger prints had been "deposited". I explained to them it didn't matter "WHEN"; but "IF" this douche bags prints were in my car. Before or after, either way he did not have my permission to be there. They still insisted it would do me no good and refused to take the prints.
Knowing this, when I found the paraphenalia in my car, I threw it as far and hard as I possibly could. Watching it shatter in the street gave me a tiny, miniscule sense of satisfaction.
Besides DNA testing through the goverment is so expensive, that it is only done for capitol crimes or felonies. They would have laghed at me and asked me if I "planted" it. If you have any other ideas please help me ease my frustration!

posted by  jeepmaniii

OK, I got a new plan for you, you may not like it, but hell, I know it would work.

Ask the mob to kill the guy for you.

Of course you'll be in their debt and probably end up regreting it, but hey, its just a suggestion. Because im all out of ideas.

posted by  Zalight

I'll keep that in mind as a last ditch effort, untill then I'll just rebuild her.
Thanks for your help though.

posted by  jeepmaniii

That Totally Sucks Dude

posted by  jdubya

Date: 3/15/05
Time: 2:30 a.m.

So I'm sleeping real good, when all of a sudden I hear a car alarm insessintly going off. In my daze I can not tell if it is my jeep or not. I decide that I am not going to waste time looking out the window this time and I only throw on a pair of pants. I have a very strange apartment in the fact that it has a back door off of my bedroom. Getting smarter I use this door this time around because it is adjacent to the street. No sooner do I get out on the landing do I see a a guy jump in the passenger side of a white Chevy Cavalier. The car speeds off into the night with the lights off. It turns out that these guys were attempting to steal my neighbors truck. They had thrown a brick or something good sized through the drivers side window and were attempting to open the hood to kill the alarm. I don't know if it was the same guy or not but they were not real happy to see me. They will be even less happy to see me next time because I am going to purchase a 12 guage and a Glock next week. I am tired of being ripped off and I am going to make it known. If we do not show these poeple that we will not tolerate them taking what does not belong to them they will continue to not give a shit. Stand up for yourselves poeple and show them that calling your insurance agent is not the worse thing you are going to do in defense of your personel property. And start contacting the local goverment about the laws that dictate how far you can go to defend your property. Right now these bastards running the streets do not hessitate to rip us off because they know that the worse thing that can happen is on the slim chance they get caught they are going to do a little time and learn more theft skills. We should be able to defend what is ours without concern that we will be persecuted for not standing around and letting ourselves be victims, relying on the police to save us. The police are undermanned and have better things to do than chase down petty punk theives that rape and pillage when we are sleeping. If these little bastards know that they may earn a limp for life or lose thier life all together if they try to take what is not theirs maybe they would think twice.
:cussing: :cussing: :cussing: :cussing:

posted by  jeepmaniii

Holy Crap! You did good. If it were me I'd probably end up doing the same exact thing. Only I would have gone all the way and beaten the son of a bitch with the baseball bat that I carry in the trunk of my car.

Hard to believe that something else happened. I hope you get that c**k sucker.

Suggestion to prevent the Nova from being stolen... again. A long time ago some thieves tried to steal my dad's 65 Mustang. Unbeknownst to them, my dad had an electric fuel pump w/ shut off switch that required a key to turn on and off the fuel pump. Well, the fuel pump was off and they only got two blocks before the car died. Maybe you should get something like that.

posted by  76MonteMan

Fuc*ing Crackheads!!!
Willing to do anything and steal anything to feed thier addiction!

Get the guns man, go to a shooting range, and train for the next time those pipe hitting, white lipped, junkies show up!

posted by  Zalight

YOU"ve obviously never did crack hehe!!!!

No seriously, hmm...hell i dunno what to say. Get the fuggers! But u obviously dont live by where i do.

posted by  VMJYogi

so dumb...how many 73 novas are there in your area... call the cops, let them do the work, damage maybe one car instead of definitely two......crazy americans...love their heroes

posted by  325iSe30

I told you all I wasn't ready to let this rest; and that I would keep looking and digging and scrounging till I found this piece of trash. WELL I told you yesterday how I woke up to my neighbor's alarm going off. I don't need to tell you the details because I already posted it. This morning on my way to work I saw the owner of the truck that was broken into yesterday. I stopped to talk to him. I was very frustrated to learn he did nothing about what happened that morning. After talking to him he admitted that he thought he knew who smashed his window; and asked me if maybe I saw a Pontiac Sunfire and not a Chevy Cavalier. I told him it was dark and they left in a hurry, maybe it could have been a Sunfire. It was then that I asked him if the guy he thought did this had a mustache, was about 6'2" and around 250 lbs. He said yes and asked why. I told him that this was the guy I almost killed a month ago for stealing my Nova. I asked him if this guy smoked crack, in which he said no and asked why. I told him about the pipe and he said it wasn't a crack pipe it was a "straight pipe" used for "hot rail's" and yes this guy did "hot rail's". It turns out these two party together. I had to get to work and told him I would be by after work to talk to him some more. I now know the he may or may not have had something to do with this but at the very least he knows something about it. It is now 9:00 p.m. and he still has not come home, I have checked with the management and learned that he is not supposed to be residing here. I am close people, very close. This bastard is within my reach. God help him if I get even closer (my common sense is telling me God help me as well). Although I really do not want to get in trouble for taking care of buisness I know this guy will not be back in my neighborhood after his fingers and hands heal after being broken for stealing from me and society in general. Besides the police have proven time and time again they do not have time for the little things; and who else will teach him that stealing is wrong. I know I have sounded more than a little preachy and I aplologize. I am just fed up of being the only one who gives a shit untill it happens to them. If we don't pull together and show them that we will not stand for this and show them that the only future in this lifestyle is shame and pain it will continue to increase in frequency. I will continue to smoke this shit head out and I will keep you updated of what I know and continue to find out. Remember, assess your personel risks and do what you can to stand up for yourselves and what is rightfully yours. Feel free to contact me @ eenglishiii@aol.com with questions, comments, annonymous tip's and general venting about things that may have happened to you.
:evil: :thumbs: :evil:

posted by  jeepmaniii

Wow what scumbags. If I ever seen anyone trying to steal my personal property i would shoot them

posted by  Taurus95

this is one crazy story man, you could sell this to make a movie out of it... if u do i get 10% of the profit :laughing:

posted by  c90acm

So the cop move didnt work because you hit the center back of the Nova right? And hey, if these 2 are somewhat friends or whatever whyd he try to steal his truck?

posted by  spinal_tarp

yea i hope u find who in the f*** did it...that's kinda odd that he tried 2 break in2 his "friends" truck tho....u shoulda got a name b4 goin 2 work....the cops dont do SHIT. i had sum1 break in2 my car n steal stereo (bout 5g+ worth). i was in my house n i had just woke up. i looked out the window n my car was fine. then i took a shower n started fixin breakfast n looked out again n my back drivers door was open. my b/f called the cops n reported it n they came out n took the info etc. well, i have a dirt driveway, they didn't get the shoe prints that were there n they didn't get ne prints 4rm the car. instead, they came back 4 hrs later n got them. i told the cops that i had sum1 threaten 2 steal it at school n they didnt do shit. so i waited thinking they would. bout 2 days l8r when nothin was done my b/f n 1 of our friends went 2 this kids house. his friends had already told me that they thought he had it, well he "didnt live there" but we talked 2 his stepdad n he said that he prolly did. when we found out where this kid lived the shoeprints matched etc. my bf said that he would calls the cops n tell them n have em come out n question him. bout 10 min. l8r he calls my b/f n said that 4 of the 12's had gotten stolen n that he scratched the amp. he xpected my b/f n i 2 just deal w/ it but my bf told him he hadda pay 4 it. the kid told 1 of his friends that he needed the $ 2 etc. but finally we got it back. just a lil fyi, the cops havent done shit, dont do shit, n don't plan to. so its a lot better if u just take action urself n good job so far...but u really needa find the prick.

posted by  innfeil2003

I had similar problems a few years ago. My 88 Honda Accord was stolen. It was never recovered. It didn't have much added, but I was very irritated when the insurance company gave me a '90 instead [while thinking they did me a huge favor]! (I liked the body style) >:(

Anyways, then more recently I had a couple of attempts. I decided that that was enough, so I set up a little system, and although its a real pain in the ass, we keep "clubs" in our cars now.

posted by  Conduce


posted by  jeepmaniii

The cop move did work the second time. I just didnt do it right the first time.
As far as him breaking into his "freinds" car, I never said they were freinds. I only said they partied together. They say there is honor among theives, this does not apply if the theives are drug addicts.

posted by  jeepmaniii

The cops are understaffed. They are either occupied by what is happening now, or by when a life is at stake. I can't exactly blame them for that, they focus there rescources on the big issues at hand and as a tax payer I think I would prefer it that way. What upsets me is the laws that stifle our ability to pick up the slack where the police fail us on the "less important crimes". I said it before, if the little bastards had any inclination that they could possibly be maimed or even mortally wounded, by the owner of the property that they are attempting to steal, maybe a good percentage of them would think twice before taking something that does not belong to them and the other small percentage would learn real quick! When I was younger and had less responsibility I would go after this guy "balls out"; but as time goes by I find that although I never lose my fire I only gain more to lose by not playing by societies rules. I have a lot to consider when I retaliate. I have to make sure I do it right. Like when I shoot this piece of s?#t, or the next one that tries to rip me off, I need to have two guns. One that I blast him with and one that I place in his cold dead hand's so I can claim he stole it out of my car and threatened me with it. In the state I live in I can not use a firearm to protect my personel property; but I can use deadly force if I feel my life is threatened. These are the fu@#ed up laws I am refering to about pushing to get changed. We should be able to defend our personell property with the same passion that we use to defend our familys and ourselves. It is not the police that are failing us, it is we that fail us when we do not demand our lawmakers change the laws that prevent us from defending ourselves from the lazy trash that continue to burn us on a daily basis. :banghead:

posted by  jeepmaniii

The club is good; but a while ago I saw an "infomercial" about a product similar to the club that locks the brake pedal somehow. I think this would be more effective; but I don't know where to purchase it.

posted by  jeepmaniii

Well, with all the security in the world you can still get screwed:

I recently read a stry where a theif tried to steal some mercede out of this guys driveway, but soon found that it required the owners fingerprint to start. So the theif went to the owner and hacked off his finger with a machete then took the car...Hardcore.

posted by  Zalight

I hate thiefs

posted by  83transam

I must say you get around, because I have seen this same post on several boards over the years, admittedly usually authored by a friend of a friend. The last one occured in New Zealand last week actually.

posted by  Wally

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