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Okay. quick question. I have a chance to get a 1997 Eagle Talon Turbo Tsi for $4000. It has 137,000 miles on it, the body is in almost perfect shape. No scratches, dents, rust, etc. The interior is really nice. How long do these motors last? Am I going to buy it and have to replace the motor soon? Or is this car worth it? Please let me know.

posted by  talontsiturbo

well, for having 137,000 miles it should be cheaper. I have found some really badass talons, with less miles for cheaper.


In late 2004, there was a TSI for sale in my local paper for $3,250. I went to check it out and found that it had only 64,000 miles. Also, itn had an upgraded intercooler, camshafts, turbo, Boost controller and turbo timer. The only reason I didn't buy it, is becausesomebody else did. He only left it at the sellers house so he could comeback with a friend to drive it to his house.

posted by  Zalight

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