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1997 VW seeking a stylish update for her interior. I am looking for custom, or universal seat covers, floor mats, and wheel cover. The thing is I don't just want any fabric I want leopard print. I can usually find one but not the other. I would apreciate any imput on where to find these items. HeatherS

posted by  HeatherS

The Cabrio is a bastard child of MK III and MK IV golf's, and not everything fits nicely. There aren't many aftermarket parts either. If you're creative enough, however, you can make some things work. I tried to include some pix of mine, but the wouldn't attach because of size. I've got a pretty nice set of pedals (with dead pedal), windstop, wheels, lowered, etc. No need for seat covers, 'cause I like my GLX's leather.

posted by  sicboy

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