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Let's first start off with a poll! :hi:

OK then. I dunno what other forum to ask this but I was looking at the performance chips that modify the ECU chip on cars. I was wondering if these things are really legit and do they even add that much horsepower? I mean for 10 to 40 bucks you can add 20 horsepower (any torque?) seems kind of sketchy. All of them say "up to" as well which makes me think that they will only add like maybe a half of horsepower. What do you guys think of this? Are there any real, great chip companies out there that produce a lot of horsepower that you guys know of?

Is the strut tie bar worth a couple hundred dollars for better handling? Is it very noticeable in your experience? Was just wondering. Will a strut bar affect every kind of car? What does a strut bar actually do?

posted by  Mchoi32

yes, chips do increase horsepower. when they say "up to" they mean at peak hp, which occurs at different RPMs in each car. the figures, however, are usualy measured at the flywheel, instead of at the wheel. torque will also be increased. bottom line: you will notice a difference after installing one; it is one of the most cost-effective aftermarket mods you can make without putting too much wear on the engine.

Jim Conforti is a reputable chip programer. Dinan for BMW. What type of car do you plan to put it on?

posted by  BMWGuru

The Scion tC most likely. I am still looking at my options of a under 20k car.

posted by  Mchoi32

are they hard to install can you do it yourself?

if not about how much do have someone else install them?

posted by  DelSol97

easiest installation next to putting a NOS sticker on your car.

posted by  BMWGuru

im newb....but was wondering if i were to install a chip....would it affect or create any problems to the engine or anything? thanks

posted by  xtremez2k

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