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hey people im juss dropping by cause ive been looking through speaker systems for my car. i was planning to go for a hatchback but all AFFORDABLE choice can be worked on. since im on a budget for a good sound system dont go crazy with the prices. i want something that can be heard but wont run me broke. if anyone has advice for amps and speakers and some online sites please provide.

posted by  infamouskilla

Well, I'm a huge fan of Concept speakers, I have 4 concept and 2 MB Quart speakers in my car. Concept makes excellent quality speakers, they just can't handle bass, but, that's what subs are for anyway, you want to avoid putting bass through your speakers anyway.

Amps, well, do you want speaker amps or sub amps? For speakers I like pheonix gold, once again, cheap, good quality product.

For subs Alpine I find makes the best quality cheap amps.

I could use some more info though as to what you're looking for. A set of components, or just normal co-axial speakers? Are you looking into subs? What is your budget?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

im am actually planning to work around 500+
looking for bass and juss to keep a good flow

thanks for the update

posted by  infamouskilla

you could try bazooka tubes

posted by  Tex71x

Is this $500 for everything (HU, speakers/subs/amps) or just a sub/amp setup?

posted by  thunderbird1100

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