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My frined has 2 12s in his car and they sound great, (alas it sucks for performance but from a stock civic LX performance is not something i have come to expect. good on gas though) however it bumps alittle to much and the trunk rattles way to much do you all know a cheap and easy way for him and i to cut down on the rattle.

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

Yes! Take the big speakers out of the trunk.

posted by  vwhobo

or go buy lots of foam padding and spray adhesive.

posted by  (o) (o)

take one (or both) of them out like vwhobo said.

posted by  SuperJew

I don't think that you would have them in the stock speaker places but We'll see anyways, are they in a box in the trunk or like in the stock speaker places behind the backseat or wherever they are. If it's in the stock ones...you're a moron take them out and put them in a box. If they're already in a box You could wrap it in something simple like a blanket and it would muffle the sound a bit but chances are it would keep it from making the trunk rattle because it would also take away most of the vibration....there's my two cents...have fun

posted by  zoomo

The moron is the one who wonders if somebody has a pair of 12's in the stock location. Yeah, those'll fit in the rear deck behind the seat. :rolleyes:

posted by  vwhobo

The problem is you have the car, you can hear where the rattling is coming from, etc. So asking us what will fix the problem is a bit pointless because you still have to find the cause and fix it.

posted by  vwhobo

I agree with vwhobo why the hell would you have 12's in stock speaker places... and yea i am about go not show but to each his own. I know people who get their kicks and a few $$$ from all three genres ( music, show, and go). I am just looking if there are things i can do like tightening the trunk, licence plate, new latch, ect. Stuff i can do with my craftsman tool set in the parking lot.

(o)(o) has the right idea

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

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