Spiderman GAY??

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:thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  Unfedfat

yeh, id say hes gay after watcin tha

posted by  mazda6man

:D :D :D .... yeah that was pretty homo :!:

posted by  skullz

damn man i gotta learn to dance like that! plus i knew spiderman was gay after watching the ending of the movie

posted by  CrazyCar

That's one superhero down the crapper.

posted by  vwhobo

I couldn't get the little faggot to stop dancing.

posted by  lectroid

i could
here's a hint, in the upper left part of your 'puter screen, there are three buttons, the one on the right should be an X
click that one
;) :D

posted by  asa67_stang

Gee :rolleyes: Hold up your other left hand :D

posted by  lectroid

damn right about that vwhobo

posted by  SuperJew

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