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Just want to say well done to the English for beating us @ the Rugby Union on Saturday.

But I was happy to see we beat you at Rugby League.

posted by  57ock

It feels good for the English to win something for a change lol. I'm not a Rugby fan myself, but from what I hear it was a very close game! Thanx for writting this thread though!

posted by  Cliffy

It was a very close game. One of the best games I have seen.

posted by  57ock

never playd it, but it looks like loads of fun, chances are id get myself killed haha

posted by  mazda6man

Try Rugby League. Just imagine American foot ball without the protection.

posted by  57ock

that sounds crazy dangerous....but fun!

posted by  SuperJew

hey all, im really glad that england won as i am english. rugby union is better i should no i play it @ the moment i play 4 2 teams. u get a few injuries. ive never broken anythin in it tho

posted by  steve_mech

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