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yup, a newbie

as my profile should tell you, i'm an I6 zealot (specifically a Ford I6 zealot), i recently got a daily driver truck with a 300 I6, below are the pics, i have yet to pick it up because i'm in Maryland, and it is down with my dad in northern Florida (also known as deep southern Georgia), i should be able to pick it up over Christmas when i take some leave to go home

that leads into the next thing 'bout me, i'm in the USAF, work in communications, about a year and a half into it, and lovin it (although my actual work can be a bit boring, especially on night shift)

click for the big ones (and i mean big)
http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=d6925c81-5f7b-7b45-2d80-149d7 d9318e4&size=sm (http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=d6925c81-5f7b-7b45-2d80-149d 7d9318e4&size=)

http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=ccdc2e06-23c2-5fd6-3556-196c4 62a7db3&size=sm (http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=ccdc2e06-23c2-5fd6-3556-196c 462a7db3&size=)

http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=2d9216f1-e1eb-44f1-2c22-555e2 bf3548e&size=sm (http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=2d9216f1-e1eb-44f1-2c22-555e 2bf3548e&size=)

http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=1d2b706e-7443-5b00-665d-29b85 96377bf&size=sm (http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=1d2b706e-7443-5b00-665d-29b8 596377bf&size=)

http://www.cartogra.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=4cec3886-3c67-5af1-4dc5-2fc2 6775113f&size=sm (http://www.cartogra.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=4cec3886-3c67-5af1-4dc5-2fc 26775113f&size=)

http://www.cartogra.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=1c196f4b-340a-3a27-66f9-5be5 4ac355a5&size=sm (http://www.cartogra.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=1c196f4b-340a-3a27-66f9-5be 54ac355a5&size=)

i also own a '67 Mustang
http://www.cartogra.com/servlet/LinkPhoto?GUID=2401408f-29d3-4211-54fa-2eef 70ca5dcd&size=
plans for it? don't ask, i don't know, build up the I6, toss in a 6-speed manual, IRS (possibly from a newer Cobra, possibly from somewhere else), and paint it a dark blue, that's all i have for definete

i gotta weird sense of humor as well

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welcome asa67

posted by  SuperJew

i've got a weird sense of humor too. :)

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