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was in AutoZoo picking up some parts a day or so ago, and i saw this flyer, i was curious, so i picked it up and left with my parts

just remembered about it, read it, and wandered around the associated website: Right To Repair (

quick overview:

thoughts? good? bad?
i really don't give a crap because i don't usually deal with vehicles made after '95
let me stick with my carbs, my C4/or manual tranny, and no emmissions requirements, and i'm happy

posted by  asa67_stang

This is an extremely important piece of legislation. Basically without it anyone driving a late model car will be forced to go to a dealership when they need it worked on.

As a consumer that takes more money out of your pocket and limits your choice as to where you can have your car repaired. It takes it out of mine as well if my shops don't have the needed info to repair your car. Essentially the manufacturers want to monopolize the market.

To an extent the manufacturers are cooperating right now but... Access to this information can be extremely expensive. Prices vary from $25 per day per car to over $5000 per year. That is not a typo, $5000 per year.

Finally, please write your elected officials. The website asa67 has provided will walk you right through the process. You CAN make a difference.

posted by  vwhobo

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