is my friend full of crap?

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he claims to have totalled his irocZ28 after shooting all 8 pistions out through the hood after injecting 2 100 shots of NO2 at 140 trying to get to 160 i know nitro can fry engins but launching pistions? is that actually possiable. (sniff Sniif i smell bull shit )

posted by  8G Galant

Wow !! And if you look into the western sky at 4:30pm est you'll see a flying pig ! Tell him you have to hook the n02 to the motor, not huff it while driving ! :screwy: :screwy: :screwy: :screwy: :screwy: :screwy:

posted by  ode94

actually yea, a piston can tear through the head of an engine if pushed that freaking hard.... all 8 pistons flying through the air? never heard of it, but after having an engine pushed that hard, it just might be possible with rotten luck. i would love to see a pic of it since the engine would have completely blown up, the hood would have been blown away like July 4, n he would be shitting himself like a little kid.

posted by  Inygknok

Hmm, i highly doubt that the pistons would go through the roof. It's a simple matter of physics people. When the engine explodes it all doesn't happen evenly throughout the block it begins with one piston or rod then travels through the rest of the engine in a kind of chain reaction type thingy. So the piston would smash into the cylinder head and then on the rotation down all of the other pistons on their downstroke would probably snap the rods in two due to the misalignment of the crankshaft then bounce around in the cylinder before just getting stuck at the top of the cylinder head or elsewhere in the lblock. The pistons that were on their downstroke when the first piston exploded might have smashed through the cylinder head but then to tear a hole through the hood as well? If it could go completely through one it wouldn't have the energy to go completely through the other. I'm not saying it can't happen but the probabilities of this occurance... I should call myth busters and ask them to try it out.

And that would probably be the scariest ****in near death experience of my life.

posted by  VMJYogi

In short, no, it's not.

As someone on another forum pointed out:

"First of all, Blowing a piston through the hood is pretty hard to do. Its almost impossible to blow the head off the block and have the piston shoot up with so much pressure that it has enough velocity to break through the hood.

The only way its most likely going to happen is if it shot through the side of the block and broke off the rod or the rod came with it and angled through the side of the block and STILL have enough velocity to go through the hood after having already puncture through the Block walls.
But still.. not going to happen."

People alway say they have a "Friend" or "know someone" who "put a piston though their hood," but no one has any proof that it actually happened. The physics of it are mind boggling. If a piston COULD come loose from the connecting rod with enough force to go through the head and still have enough velocity to punch a hole through the hood, then it's be too hard to keep it in the engine in NORMAL conditions.

You can send the rod sideways through the block, but it rarely comes completely out of the engine. Sending the piston up thought the head and hood? Noooooooooo

posted by  ChrisV

A leg out of bed maybe, stretch the head bolts maybe, but all pistons travelling through a head, then after achieving that miracle travelling through a hood :laughing: What model car is it.... Columbia?

Tell 'im he's dreamin.

posted by  Wally

well thats just the thing he dosnt have any pics he says the insurance company just took the car and sent him a check i didnt belive it either but glad u all seem to agree

posted by  8G Galant

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