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im 15 and going to be buying a car soon. i have almost totally decided on the colbalt. i just need a way to convince my dad to get me the SS and not just the coupe, since the SS is way better and the coupe reminds me of a chick car. but he thinks the SS is too high performance and fast for a new driver. do u guys have any ways to make the SS seem good for a first car so my dad agrees to get it, thanks.

posted by  c90acm

Considering it's still a 4-cyl, it should be good on gas, and insurance (Depending on your insurance company and state.) However, it's not really that good of an idea IMO for someone who is JUST starting to drive to get a Brand spankin new car. I'd say go for something older. You can find cars out there that have more performance (Even though it may be in just a coupe or 4-door package) and that your dad will agree to. But if you really want to convince your dad to buy you the Cobalt SS, name all the good things about it (new car so it wont cost a fortune to fix every week, gas, insurance, etc)

posted by  Satty101

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