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jus wonderin if any1 plays an if they play online (ps2) also wonderin what car do u use

posted by  hhsrastler92

I don't play online cause there's something wrong with my cable. But the car i use in the game is the Evo VIII and the RX-7. I'm surprised people still play NFSU2 even though GT4 is out. But I still love underground 2. :smoke:

posted by  speeder

I didn't really get into the Underground series. I have the original, but that's all I'll own. GT4 is just so much better IMO.

posted by  Satty101

NFS Underground 1 was good...I played it online and had a sick Skyline and RX7 that used to wax ppl like crazy. Everyone ragged on the game who hadnt played it and called it ricey but you can make your car cool and not ricey...I always kept mine nice. GT4 and this dont compare since NFSU is about a different culture plus it has arcade style it's not meant as a simluation of real's just for fun

I heard NFSU II was a letdown and it sucked...the demo sucked that I played.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Whats GT4 got over Need for SpeeD?

posted by  boothe

Everything imaginable...


posted by  NISSANSPDR

i just dont like arcade games.

posted by  ahoo

I own Need for speed Underground 2, and overall its a pretty good game. I mainly drive my Nissan 240 SX. I have not got the chance to play GT4 yet, but my friend has the wheel and everything, so i guess i should go and check it out.

posted by  jdubya

Do you guys use the wheel? I have seen them but never actually played on one?

posted by  boothe

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