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can u guys provide me with a list of all the cars (not trucks or SUVS) of 2005 models with 200 or above horsepower (or close to it like 190 or something), its a long story why i need this but if u could help me out i would appreciate it, thanks.

posted by  c90acm

Sure. How much are you willing to pay to have someone else do your research for you?

Loser. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

It may be easier to list those below it anymore... :laughing:

posted by  Gothicaleigh

im talking like 200-350 not like a ferrari or anything.

posted by  c90acm

Why dont you narrow down the parameters since there's alot of 200hp+ cars

Just a for instance

Lotus Elise (195hp...you said close to 200hp also)
Nissan Altima 3.5 (240hp)
Chevy Monte Carlo SS (200hp)
Mazda RX8 (231hp)

as you can see the list gets very varied quick...so narrow it down for us if you can.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Cars under $30,000 give or take a couple thou. and thanks so far for your help.

posted by  c90acm

Passenger cars under 30k w/more than 200hp that I would consider:

Nissan Altima 3.5 Liter
Nissan Maxima 3.5 Liter
Honda Accord V6 Coupe/Sedan
Subaru Legacy 2.5GT (AWD & Turbo)
Dodge Stratus V6
Mazda 6 V6
Chevy Cobalt SS/Saturn Ion Redline
Dodge Neon SRT4
Subaru WRX
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII RS
VW Golf R32
Acura TSX
Nissan 350Z
Ford Mustang GT
Mazda RX8
Acura RSX Type S
Mini Cooper S w/John Cooper Werks Package (195hp)
Hyundai Tibruon GT V6

posted by  NISSANSPDR

hmm in many posts ive seen vwhobo trying to start lots of ifights, lose your attitude buddy if your that insecure to start a fight every post you make i think you should take a look outside and see theresa a life outthere besdides sitting at your pc

posted by  Stem

OK here is what i came up w/ ... tell me if you have anything to add or change

- TSX - 200hp
- RSX Type S - 210hp

- LaCrosse - 200-240hp
- Lesabre - 205hp

- Cobalt SS - 205hp
- Impala LS-SS - 200-240hp
- Monte Carlo LT-SS - 200-240hp

- Crossfire - 215hp
- Sebring Limited - 200hp
- 300 Touring - 250hp

- SRT4 - 230hp
- Stratus R/T - 200hp

- Mustang - 210-300hp
- Taurus - 201hp
- Five Hundred - 203hp

- Accord - 240hp

- Mazda6 s - 220hp
- RX-8 - 197-238hp

- Montego - 203hp
- Sable - 201hp

- Lancer Evolution - 276hp
- Eclipse - 200-210hp
- Galant - 230hp

- Maxima - 265hp
- Altima - 250-260hp
- Z coupe - 287hp

- Pontiac G6 - 200hp
- Pontiac Grand Prix - 200-260hp
- Pontiac Bonneville - 205hp

- 9-2X Aero - 227hp

- ION Red Line - 205hp

- WRX - 227hp
- Legacy 2.5 GT - 250hp

- Avalon - 280hp
- Camry Solara - 225hp

- S40 T5 - 218hp

posted by  c90acm

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