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Where do you all pick up all your car info? Any websites in particular?

I float around these boards and read your guys stuff but some of these things are over my head. Rather than chime in with nothing to offer I was curious how you guys learned all this stuff and how I can learn more.

I appreciate the help.

posted by  boothe

The best way to find out the basics of how everything works is to go to a site like

Then, for more specific stuff, you just pick it up as you go along.

posted by  windsonian

Most of the people on this board who have actual knowledge, learned from working on cars themselves.

posted by  Zalight

That is my challenge in one way. Working on cars isn't so easy for me right now, but I am interested in picking up the knowledge just to be more informed and because its cool.

What sort of magazine would you recommend? I would think those would help. Otherwise, I hope you guys are willing to share some of your years of experience.

posted by  boothe

Read as many mags as possible...some will give you Do It Yourself tips and How-To's...others will give reviews of certain cars, products, techniques etc...

Some are be wary if you see more girls than're probably not in a serious car magazine...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I wouldn't worry too much about getting it right. I quite often drop into some performance workshop and hear nothing nonsense from guys who still manage to build engines that hold strip records and such. A lot of what goes on is monkey see monkey do, gut feel and a handful of thumbs (e.g. 100 thous valve clearance, 40 thous squish height, lift max 25% of valve dia, etc).

posted by  Wally

Well, even terminology is somewhat of a hampering with things. Recommend any magazine in particular for starters?

posted by  boothe

usually "Motor Trend" and "Car And Driver" are some of the best "unmodifieds" magazines. For modified, I usually refer to "Hot Rod". I have no idea what's out there for 6cyl/4cyl tuners though that provides useful info.

posted by  Satty101

Car and driver just reviews cars, not so much tell how they work.

here's my suggestion;

Read everything auto at

then, come here, and just read everything that goes on, particualry in the repairs forum, and look up everything (at google or howstuffworks) that you don't understand. Before long, you'll get a basic understanding of everything that we're talking about. If you still can't find an answer after searching around, come here and post a thread (But ONLY if you've searched for at least 20-25 minutes).

sadly enough, i got started by being attracted to the girls in super street, and as I got older, I got interested in how they made the cars go fast, and read some of their tech articles. From there, I used howstuffworks and this forum.

posted by  Godlaus

Godaus, how old were you when did you start getting into cars?

posted by  CarEXPERT

Free is always better. Thanx Godlaus. I'll get to work... :thumbs:

posted by  boothe

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