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i raced a geo metro 3cyl turbo and lost who turbos a friggen 3cyl and my car is pretty quick but a 3cyl beating me that was depressing up to that day i was undefeated not 1 loss and i lose to a 3cyl GEO of all things sombody kill me

posted by  8G Galant

You know what they say..."It's not the car being driven, but the driver driving it" :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Geo metro turbo? :laughing:
Yeah I ve gotten beaten several times by small 4 bangers with my stock v6 mustang. But I just hate it when those ricers especialy the civics try to race me at the stpo lights and I dont even wanna race them but they just take off likecrazy and thinking that they won the race. A freind of mine told me that he beat a porshe boxter with his civic so i told him maybe he wasnt racing you Some ricers are in their own world thats why I leave them alone sotmetimes. Anyways who cares if a Geo metro smoked you? Therare people out there that put thousands of $$$ into modification and always cars taht will smoke your fastest car. so you shoudln' feel bad abot it becausey ou can never be uundefeated.

posted by  ed_7702

ya but i lost to a friggen geo metro i wanst even wantin to race cause gas is a fortune around where i live but he was revvin so we both took off i was way up front(about 1.5 car lenghts) and i here 'spsss' i was like WTF he moves up and again 'spsss' i am thinkin o my god and he blows by me. i have wipped the poop out of almost every ameican muscle car from mustangs to transams and i lose to a geo. I know that peoples car are money pits (mine for example) but who on this green earth turbos a friggen geo

posted by  8G Galant

That's pretty sad that someone turbocharged, let alone modded, a Geo Metro. With all of the money he puts into his piece of s***, he could have atleast bought a better car. He may be laughing right now, but you'll be the one laughing when his Geo breaks down. One question, what kinda car do you drive?

posted by  moostang104314

i have a 2001 galant V6 with some 'minor mods' i estimate 250 horsies and i lost to a geo

posted by  8G Galant

Wow, a whole stack of ignorant people today...

You do realize your Galant weighs over twice what a Geo Metro does, right?

How do you know it was a 3 cyl turbo? the Metros didnt' have 3 cuyl engies. That was the earlier Chevy Sprint (bothe Chevy Sprint and teh later Geo Metro were rebadged Suzuki Swift/Cultus models). The earler Chevy Sprint and Suzuki Cultus were available from the factory with 3 cyl, intercooled, turbo charged enignes. The later geo Metros didn't have any performance vrsion, but the identical Suzuki Swift was avaiaolble in a GTi form, with a DOHC 1.3 liter engine that made 100 hp. Doesn't sound like a lot, but the cars weighed less than 1700 lbs, which put the power to weight ratio right up there with your 250 hp car AND they had bettter gearing, which made them quicker than a lot of cars. And the earler 3 cyl turbo cars weighed closer to 1500 lbs

They made excellent road race and rallye cars, so a lot of people raced them and modded them. If you start with a light car, you don't need as much power to be fast. Turbo Suzuki Swifts are all over Australia, with at least 1 400 hp AWD version using the 1.3 liter engine...

Here's the 3 cyl turbo version:

http://www.seanano.org/vehicles/pastvehicles/turbosprint/images/06252003/le ft-front-s.jpg

http://www.seanano.org/vehicles/pastvehicles/turbosprint/images/06252003/en gine-s.jpg

Pretty quick, itself, in stock form.

This is the Swift GTi. I had one identical to this one:


45 mpg, plus a successfull autocross car.

posted by  ChrisV

According to MSN Autos, the Geo Metro had a 1.0 liter In-Line 3 cylinder as a base engine. It put out about 40-55 horsepower within its lifetime, and was never turbocharged. Here's the link:

http://autos.msn.com/research/vip/default.aspx?state=used&make=Geo&model=Me tro&src=LeftNav

posted by  moostang104314

I was talking about the performance versions which had either a turbo 3 cyl, stock, or the 1.3 liter DOHC 4 cyl.

posted by  ChrisV

a friend of mine has one with a 3 cyl engine and cared to modify it. i saw the block personally and tbh, its so small that one person could actually lift it (i didnt try cuz i didnt wanna let it fall or anything in case it was heavier than wat it looked), though it was just the bare block. on it he was going to use the stock turbo from a newer eclipse and claimed he was going to try to set it at around 25psi...... i know it will be a quick car, but i seriously doubt it will last very long..... specially the small turbo running at 25psi... im not even sure the turbo will even hold out one race :laughing:

posted by  Inygknok

Oh, sorry. I must have misread what you said.

posted by  moostang104314

i guess i misclassified my assailent but still that was embarsing good thing it was like 3am an there was nobody else to see that. and my car weighs way less than stock by about 600lbs but with out being stripped totally so that has to help

posted by  8G Galant

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