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what music do you "bump" in your car?

i "bump"
-the beatles
-some other rock
-and a little rap, if i feel gangsta

posted by  mazda6man

hmmm lets move this to "off topic"

and i will "bump" in my car when i drive...

Fuel, Audioslave, Third Eye Blind, Revis, Trapt, Hoobastank, Cold, and others.

posted by  SuperJew

Whatever I'm in the mood for...
The usual:

Modern Punk/ska: Sublime, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Pepper, Authority Zero, Mest...

Classic Rock: Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Bad Co., Jimmy Buffet (Don't Ask), Steve Miller Band...

posted by  Widowmaker2k

Mostly rock and country, some rap, but right now i have Robin Williams Live 2002 comedy cd in.

posted by  vanyaviper

rap, hardcore rap, underground rap, a little 80's rock, new rock, and 1 country song if i feel lucky.

posted by  Satty101

i dont have a car yet but when i do ill bump my usuall music

docter dre
snoop dog

i dont know how to spell them.

posted by  stringer001

how can you listen to them and not know how to spell them?

Dr. Dre*

posted by  Satty101

and isnt snoop "snoop dogg"? or is that old school like "puff daddy" as compared to "p. diddy"?

posted by  SuperJew

I think either way works.

posted by  Satty101

nope, still snoop dogg

posted by  mazda6man

Not rap, dance, classical or country. Pretty much everything else from AC/DC to Zappa. My favorite style would have to be Southern Rock but... My most recent purchase was Marilyn Manson, The Golden Age Of Groteque. It has a really bizarro video on it, highly recommended but don't let your parents see it.

posted by  vwhobo

vwhobo why it X-Rated?

posted by  SuperJew

I don't mind Marilyn Manson,either though I don't I think that he may be losing his mind. :evil: Since on stage he kills poor puppies in front of the whole world.I really don't like the person though I think that the music is good. :thumbs: (anyway,which music artist these days doesn't do something crazy? :D )

Oh yeah and for my favourite music...
I really like punk rock,such as Blink-182,Sex Pistols,and Three Days Grace.
When I am in a sort of sad/thinking mood I really enjoy listening to Pink Floyd.Also I really like the techno band,"Darude."

posted by  vwmaniac

Aerosmith, Ozark Mtn Daredevils, BTO, T-rex, CCR, 3 Dog Night, just to many to ( BUMP ?) to. Southern rock and old black or white soul. Oh, Vwhobo I don't beleive the Marylin Manson crap.

posted by  lectroid

Not X-rated, just really out there... Way out there. You'd have to see it to understand what I mean, it's basically indescribable. 8O

Why wouldn't you believe I listen to Manson? I have an extremely eclectic taste in music. Right now as I type I'm listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Uplift Mofo Party Plan. When's the last time you heard that?

"Let's make sure all of these offensive forms of entertainment are shown publicly, and burned immediately as a warning to us all!" MM

posted by  vwhobo

I listen to a lot of crap I don't like, cause I have a 25 yr old son, STILL at home. I can go up to AC/DC, and I'll admit to listening to some of the milder new artist. Manson, no I'm just not that diverse, and the rap crap drives me up the wall.

posted by  lectroid

I'm sorry to hear you have that sort of problem. My cure would include my size 13 steel toe boot and an anal orfice. And as stated earlier I agree 100% on the rap, so does my 19 year old son.

posted by  vwhobo

I agree to, but I'd have to kill his mother. rf ( the boot ) I don't know any 16 to 25 yr old kids that don't listen to that crap.

posted by  lectroid

Sorry to hear that. :rolleyes:

posted by  vwhobo

I did boot him when he was 16, and I sucked a lot of sorrow from that. I think I can live with it, him, for a couple more yrs if necessary. Ijust don't need the stress. He is still going to school, if he ever gets done/ I don't know. PRAY agnostic :D

posted by  lectroid

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