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OMG, I want xm radio so bad, I can taste it!!! Does anyone have one, and where and how did you get it?

I went to Best Buy yesterday to check it out. The model I want is a portable model and retails for $169.99, and then you have to buy the car receiver at $29.99, and if you want to operate it on your regular boombox (non-Delphi, etc), you have to buy another home receiver for $49.99. Those people must be making a bundle on initial setup costs alone!!!

I was gonna suck it up and purchase right then and there, but then they said installation (although free) takes about four hours, and most people just drive up and leave their car there. Hmm... :umh: So I pay a bunch of money, AND waste my time or have to depend on someone else for transportation back and forth. DAMMIT!

Other than that, the $9.99 cost a month for service is nothing. Matter of fact, I wonder how come it took this long for them to have satellite (National) radio. It's just like cable!

posted by  JaneiR36

Only without the cable......

My buddy has it and he likes it. He just has it installed in his car though.

I might consider it if I spent more time in my car and traveled more from city to city. For now though I'm fine w/ free radio.

posted by  theman352001

I heard that the portable model doesn't actually work that well. You should see if you can try it out. But for home or car it is awesome.

I actually got my bro-in-law Sirius and he likes it a lot.

posted by  boothe

This is SOOOOOOOOO the reason I'm getting it. I agreed with the bitch-fest commercials they had on the radio saying (like FIVE minute commercials of people ranting about XM! How they blurted out the "F" word before they could change the station while they were bringing back their kids from peewee soccer, or how they didn't know they'd have to keep paying the monthly subscription fee forever). I also understood slogans like, "paying for radio is just plain dumb."

But between living in a smaller city and having to hear all the "family" crap on the radio all the time or all the boring radio personalities (although they do have their good moments). Still, BLURGH!!! More entertainment, please!

Like you mentioned, travelling from city to city is the worst. Chicago airport will sometimes have awesome rates for air tickets and I'll have to drive three hours without a whole lot of variety on the radio. (Although simply driving on I-57 can keep you occupied sometimes :laughing: ). Anyway. I'm looking forward to getting it. I might even check out eBay.

(They're making new car models with xm radio standard now, no? Cool :smoke: ).

posted by  JaneiR36

Let us know how you like it.

posted by  theman352001

Yeah, a good friend of mine has sirius, and its sick. It has so many channels and you can listen to one station and find out whats playing on the others at the same time. Definitley a good purchase.

posted by  Zalight

Our GMC has Satellite Radio compatibility, and we got a 3 month trial of XM radio. It is really great! It makes long road trips less painful without having to tune into a new radio station. The stations are all really good and they have a radio station for every taste in music. However, the only reason we still don't have XM is because it's commercial free, which means you have to pay on a monthly basis, and it isn't worth the money. :thumbs:

posted by  moostang104314

yea but for 10 bucks a month its definiately worth it

posted by  griffinstud78

A couple of reasons why I'm not buying in XM radio:
1) It is another way for somebody to get more money out of you when radio is already free.

If you want XM then go for it. I can't see forking out good money just to listen to the radio.

2) You are still at the mercy of the programmer for the choice of music...like regular radio.

I like the idea of burning your own cd's or mp3's so you can listen to what you want to listen to. Not be subject to somebody elses whim on what they want to listen to.

Maybe, I'm wrong here but it's my 2 cents worth. As the ole saying goes...."To each there own".

posted by  acftbldr

I totally agree, except sometimes I like listening to the radio just to here different songs and maybe get ideas for songs to download and put on my CD's and MP3 player! :thumbs:

posted by  moostang104314

I've bought like 3 audio CD's my whole life. NOT my thing. I wind up listening to one song over and over again and the 15 bucks is wasted in three days.

If you like the radio stations you receive (and receive them clearly), there'll be no need for XM. I love radio, and I need more, baby!!! ....obviously not that desperately. I still haven't had the time to buy and install it :drool:

Hey, I wonder if this was the same discussion the old timers from decades and decades ago were having when cable television first came out. Why pay for TV when you already get it for free....... or when you can go to the video stores and buy what you want :laughing: What a minute, did video tapes come out before cable?

posted by  JaneiR36

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