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You know, i really hate the fast and the furious series, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. Here's an example of the wrong way.

By a guy named josh
"Ever since that God forsaken movie The FAST AND THE FURIOUS came out, its had every loser with a spoiler dreaming of racing his car. See these dorks believe that because a car is old its a "CLUNKER", or its slow. The truth is these cars were running 11's or better before you where the biggest mistake your mother ever made. Before she made the mistake of not aborting you. Back on subject. The Fast and The Furious was a fountain of lies, beginning with the Ferrari and ending with the Charger. This made every bastard who bought a ricer grow nuts over night. Ricers make themselves feel better by spouting off lies about American Cars. Its sad that they cannot build a motor and run a good time without spraying NITROUS(NOS to you posers). The Fast and the Furious was sponsored by NIRA(National Import Racing Association) therefore of course they will always beat the Muscle Cars ON SCREEN. Beating a real car is every RICER losers biggest masturbatory fantasy. Kind of like sleeping with a Super Model or even a pretty girl, it will never happen. Of course even on screen they need "NOS"(for God's sake and my own its called NITROUS, "NOS" is a name brand), the universal symbol of a loser. Use all throttle no bottle, if you've got anything under the hood! Its "Penis Envy" I think though. That drives them to this. Some type of compensation for being poorly hung. Like a short girl wearing platform shoes so she can feel taller. Back to my point. I’ve raced every piece of rice I have pulled up next to and guess what? I’VE NEVER LOST, not even once! One day I’m sure some ricer loser with a bottle will smoke me, but that will be the only way its going to happen. Its quite funny to watch them trying to shift and steadily falling back. 80% of the time they instigate the race. I cannot just let them think their car is faster than mine by not racing them. I have to show them that vintage iron still throws out the best old school ass whooping. I am FORCED to show them their car is NOT faster. For you PRO rice dorks, read the article at the link below THE NOT SO FAST AND NOT SO FURIOUS admitting, they suck. "[In reference in 1969 Yenko Camaro from 2F2F.] It was also the quickest car we tested that day, gutting the quarter mile in 13.7 seconds at 106.9 mph and getting to 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds. If it wore slicks and was tuned to calm down the suspension's conniptions, this car could have easily run low 13s and maybe 12s. Nostalgia is never a good thing to wallow in, but if you're determined to wallow it might as well be in a car like this."-Sport Compact Car Magazine. (Notice in their infinate penis envy they had to make the Nostalgia comment.) And the best part is the 2F2F Camaro isn’t even a Real Yenko. The Real Yenko Camaro ran 12.94@115Mph in the 1/4 in 1969 lol, not a 13.7. That’s without breaking out the fun new aftermarket stuff we have now. Mustang Boss 429 could run an 13.1@quatermile. The Baldwin-Motion Phase III Camaro could run 11.5 back in the day. The '02 Hennessy Venom 1000TT Viper will run it in 9.84sec @ 156.35mph without NITROUS. Be sure to check out the Charger link below, you can see Detroits Muscle in action. So finally all you jokers dropping money on your Fast and Furious ride. Get the FACTS. Spend your hard earned money on a muscle car, or dont rice your car out at least you wont look like a joke to the rest of the world. Who knows maybe someone might confuse you for someone with taste. Probably not.
Important Rice points and facts:

1. FACT: Decals do not make it faster nor do stickers... sorry. Hate to break it to you. Putting a TypeR emblem on your car does NOT make it a TypeR. Stickers are there to display the parts you HAVE on your car.

2. FACT: Type R's are slow.

3. FACT: Bad news friend, Spoilers don’t work at all till 115mph, your car will never reach that by Quater mile. Or ever for that matter.

4. POINT: I can never recall seeing a spoiler made of aluminum on a Ferrari... you?

5. FACT: The idea of a spoiler is to put down pressure on the back of the car, so who's bright idea was it to put it on cars that are front wheel drive? That would lift the front of the car.

6. FACT: One of my girl-friends probably drives the same car as you!

7. FACT: Corvette Killers could maybe beat a stock Corvette no big accomplishment, done it, and I blew out a Porsche too. With witnesses to atest to the fact. They could never smoke a hocked-up one, or anything else American hocked-up for drag racing for that matter. I've even seen a Civic beat a Viper, yes I couldnt believe my eyes! But heres how he won. First off the Viper burned up his first gear peeling out. Like a moron. The Civic sprayed his nitrous and won. The only guys who can afford Vipers are old business suit wearing bastards who dont know for **** how to drive a car like that. They just get the car for the tramp ass women that come with it. Not for what it is. So now some **** head in a Civic thinks his car is faster than a Viper cause some old ass jerk can't drive! Not only does the driver make a difference but ricers love to try to pull this ****. Running a Turbocharged car against a non-turbo'd car and calling the turbo'd car superior. Well no ****?! I wonder how they'd stack up if the Vette and the Porsche where turbo'd?! No I dont, I know how that would look. Yea the Vette and Porsche are more expensive but hey you're paying for a name. I am talking about whats under the hood not the price tag. How can anyone compare the best of one thing(Supra Turbo'd) to the mediocre of another(Vette and Porshe not Turbo'd) and claim on is better than another? Thats like comparing apples to oranges. The truth is it does'nt matter how many turbos you slap on that Supra, if you put the same on a Vette it will always out-proform the Supra. Anyone who thinks they can get more power from a V6 or I6 than a V8 is an incompetant ****.

8. POINT: NITROUS(NOS, for the morons) is like a wonder bra, makes up for not having anything there. It can also be compared to Viagra, think about it...

9. FACT: If you drive a ricer, somebody’s slammin your girl.

10. FACT: Just because you beat a weak ass bone stock Mustang, Mustang GT or a Camaro or a RS Camaro doesn’t make your car fast. First off how much money did you have to drop to get it fast enought to beat a STOCK car. Good for you moron, for what you paid to upgrade that piece of **** you could have bought a car for the same price and saved time. All your mods still dont give you a snowballs chance against a REAL drag car. I’m sorry the power is just not there.

11. POINT: When you dorks went to go see the Fast and the Furious movie, did you notice the theatre was filled with ghetto bastards? I made the mistake of seeing the first one thinking it was a movie about drag racing, I wish I had known it was a fairytale/comedy. The good news is I got alot of good laughs out of it. Like the FLYING V(wasnt that from the Mighty Ducks?) when they where going to the MAKE BELIEVE RACES in the beginning. Anyone who has ever been to the real street races will know, that American Muslce dominates. I loved the way they blocked off the street and spray painted a starting line and a finish line. Secondly the race against the Ferrari. Hysterical, I do feel bad for the poor stuntman getting to drive such a nice car and having to keep his foot off the floor to let some loser in a Supra pass him.

12. FACT: The funniest thing from the first film was, that they had to make the 1970 Charger(Yes ****ers it was 1970), have a MYSTICAL & IMAGINARY explosion under the hood in a place where NOTHING could blow up. It was a finely tuned drag car right? Just so the Supra fag could even stay close. No one with half a ****ing brain would ever believe that piece of **** could beat anything that was made to drag race. Especially a car with a HEMI with a SUPERCHARGER!

13. POINT: WTF? I just saw the second one on DVD, I didnt and wouldnt pay a dime to see it in theatre. I saw it at my friends house, had I rented it from Blockbuster I simply would have returned to the store and shot the person who rented it to me. Atleast I knew what to expect though. I had to see if NIRA would crash the Yenko and Challenger. Its amazing the Blonde guy got progressively more ghetto as the movie went on. Probably for audience appeal.

14. POINT: What was the deal with the Yenko Camaro stalling after they played chicken? I have spun out plenty of times(and thats no lie) and I have NEVER had that problem. My car never just DIED. And why the hell wouldnt it crank? It should have just turned right over. It was a finely tuned drag car right? I love the way they type cast the Muslce Car drivers as solid meatheads. Of course, I should have known that was coming. So anyhow due to another MYSTICAL & IMAGINARY problem with the Muscle Car and NOS another rice dork went home in his crappy car, happy thinking he was cool.

15. FACT: In order to take the attention of their cars inferiority NIRA destroyed all the best cars in the movies. In the first one and the second one. Go ahead Rice boy deny it.
LIST OF DESTROYED Superior American Cars from the Fast and the Furious series!
1970 Dodge Charger
1970 Dodge Challenger
1969 Yenko Camaro
2003 Saleen Mustang
2003 Corvette
I know there was a Viper in 2F2F but I didnt see it crash.

16. FACT: Whether they say it to your face or behind your back girls are laughing at you. Trust me. I loved pointing your cars out and listening to them say. "I think hes trying to compensate for something" or "Fag". If only you knew."------------

posted by  Godlaus

Guys like that make it hard to defend the muscle car crowd as being any less stupid than teh ricers they are putting down. Seriously ignorant, even though they may have a couple facts right.

posted by  ChrisV

I e-mailed him a pretty long response. Wonder what I'll get back?

posted by  ChrisV

I feel much better knowing he is in the saddle on his trusty steed flying old glory in the face of the yellow peril .... Hi Oh Silver, Away!

posted by  Wally

The other thing is his cmplaing about people calling it NOS instead of Nitrous. Who cares? Its like reffering to soda as coke, which happens all the time where I live:
"Hey man lets get some coke!" says guy A
"All right, what kind?" replys guy B
"Sprite." answers guy A
What the hell is so wrong with that?

posted by  Zalight

Well, well, well.....

So, now the ricers aren't allowed to do anything to their cars that might give them an edge over imports. They should just knuckle under and admit to themselves "if this domestic muscle-car loser was willing to spend the same amount of time and cash as me on his car, then he'd beat me, so I'd better not bother ... let's only race our cars stock out of the factory"

Whether it be Asian or American (being an Aussie I'm not especially partisan either way), isn't the whole point of modding/tuning etc.. to improve the performance of the car by adding, removing, replacing or altering parts?

So, he's allowed to put aftermarket gear on his car, but the Supra isn't allowed to have a turbo. :screwy:

It would be more fun to tear this guy apart if he were here to attempt to defend himself. Somehow I think he'd struggle based on his previous argument. There are so many ways to argue against the ricer ideas, especially The Fast And The Furious, and yet this guy made a total balls-up of it.

posted by  windsonian

Kudos :clap:

be sure to update us, if has the balls to e-mail you back

posted by  Godlaus

Why are import aftermarket parts are so expensive and muscle cars and ford mustangs are cheap. I was lookin at this ford mustang magazine and everything was so cheap including the V8 engine that made 400tq and hp. And when they interview the mustangs, they had superchargers and turbochargers and their cars had like 500tq and 500hp to the wheels!
Are V8s faster than imports with the same money put into the engines?

posted by  CarEXPERT

A 1970 mustang GT/1998 mustang GT, vs 3000gt, with a $3000 limit? Depends on the tuner, but both can be made to be faster than the other.

Simply put, some domestics are faster than imports and some imports are faster than domestics, all using the same amount of money. It all depends on what you're going to do with the car. it's those that think one is better over the other that you get utter bullshit.

posted by  Godlaus

Well well well...

I might say that this little post was quite the funny. I enjoyed the thrashing on the 2F2F movie, because that part IS true without a doubt.

However the modding part...this is where I think it becomes a biased statement rather then a POINT or FACT!!!

Like jump for joy you beat a "ricer"...hats off to you...

What I'd liek to say is that this guy used very LITTLE facts rather then a biased trusism to make his comments.

Liek how a Supra can't put a turbo in it because a Corvette doesn't have one. Don't get me wrong I love both cars, because the Supra is badass and with the right mods can easily push 500 horses and accelerate liek a bat outta hell! And the Corvette can do virtually the same thing or with the new C6 Z06 come stock with 500 horses. Bu that's not my point. The point is that the Supra is DESIGNED to be modified, DESIGNED to have a turbo, more liek two if you ask me, and it's DESIGNED to beat other cars. Hell why do you think we see so many JGTC Supras out there, as oppossed to only 4 or so ALMS C5Rs or C6Rs?

Bottom line is, this guy is a complete biased bastard who clearly posted his comment in a Muscle Car Forum or something where it would be a truisum and no one would bother to argue.

So my brothern....

I say we email this kid and flame the living crap out of him... :thumbs:

posted by  PeteBobJoe

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