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:D no comment.........

posted by  Loophole

How the fuck did she do that? Was she tryin'na jump da damn yatch?

posted by 

stupid bitch, let thaat civic fall in the water

posted by  mescalinity

retard is her middle name!!!! :lurk:

posted by  KERWIN

and thats why women should drive.. haha jk

posted by  mazda6man

and god came down from the heveans and said "who did this, you? well im sorry but your gonna have to through life forever being known as the one women who made it so everyone thinks women can't drive. i hope your happy now"

posted by  PodunkPunk

how is that even possible? i mean geez, wouldnt the board move from the impact?

posted by  mazda6man


posted by  Turbocoupe27

oh god... what are they thinking when stuff like thios happens?

posted by  mazda6man

you guys are idiots, there are more accidents caused by male teenage drivers than anything

posted by  Arthur


posted by  bLen

First, someone sould slap that women for being just that stupid for driving a civic, she's beyond retarded for trying to catch a ride on a boat...

Man, some people...

posted by  JU5TIN

wait a second how the fuk did she get out? lmao

posted by  bLen

good question

posted by  JU5TIN

yeah lol i like the second pic too haha, not as funny as in Zoolander

posted by  bLen

i doubt it was even a woman driving the cars, women tend to me more cautious and defensive drivers.

posted by  Arthur

because the person getting out would fall in the water.. no other way realy and as you can see the lady smiling is dry you fucking half wits.

posted by  Arthur

OMG, it is women like that which give the rest of us a bad name. :(

I have never had an accident that was my fault. Only time I was hit was by a man and a cop at that. He was off duty and headed to the dentist. His cheek was swollen up to the size of a tennis ball.

posted by  Drachewyn

LMAO at the cop you talked about Drachewyn, man thats funny, and for that aurthor kid, i never criticized her about her driving, I criticized her about driving a car so ass as a civic.

posted by  JU5TIN

yup ass civics lol

posted by  bLen

First off, civics are nice economicly cars good on gas, fairly cheap and arent that bad of a car, and i doubt she even bout the car to hotrod. Not everyone does that when they buy a civic or any other honda.
your an idiot plain and simple Hondas are extremely reliable cars worth the money they sell for.

posted by  Arthur

and your sig says aww lok a rice boy OMG u are a moron u make fun of them then stand up for civics choose a side or dont make fun of them the stick up for them

posted by  starfish

Hey that wasn't very nice...I'm a girl and I'm a great driver ;)

posted by  JettaChiC20

jk= just kidding

posted by  mazda6man

No my sig makes fun of rice boys, people who Take "ANY" car and sticker it up glorify it, do anything but make it fast.

not my fault you cant read and make retarded assumptions, and its funny that you call "Me" a moron when you cant spell "YOU" correctly......anway littleman go away

posted by  Arthur

JettaChiC20 wrote -

"I'm a girl and I'm a great driver"

Sorry JettaChiC20 but most people who say that they are good (or great) drivers are average at best.
Women have a higher proportion of their accidents at junctions and while parking; men have a higher proportion of their accidents on bends and while overtaking.
I hate it when women pull out from junctions so that I have to brake and then they slowly accelerate to something like 40mph in a 60mph zone x One time when I was doing the speed limit in a 50mph zone up a hill in a crappy 900cc base model Fiat Seicento hire car, I could see a woman at a junction but I hoped that she wouldn’t pull out in front of me as it took a lot of hard work to get the 39bhp piece of shit up to the speed limit up hill. She did pull out at a ridiculously late time and I had to slam my foot on the brake pedal. She just stopped dead before she’d even straightened up in the road because she must have thought that I was going to hit her. I didn’t sound the horn as the screeching tyres said it all. She then drove off and left me to accelerate back up to whatever speed the car could muster again evil

posted by  snoopewite

hahahaa! that's awesome man!

posted by  Unfedfat


posted by  57ock

thats a good one, but for the majority of women drivers...not me ;)

posted by  JettaChiC20

haha yeah, nice, thats funny

posted by  mazda6man


posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

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