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I heard that it may soon be illegal to talk on your phone while driving? I know this is already the case in New Jersey and New York. I've been looking at Bluetooth car kits recently because I've heard one state seriously looking into this issue is California. Does anyone know exactly how the Bluetooth car kits work though? I don't know the details.

posted by  evanmendel

I'm not sure of the details either, but I'd like to expand on this issue.

Some may wonder why the heck cellphones should be illegal while driving.

Some years ago, (approx. 3-4), I remember reading an article somewhere that a university in Great Britain did a study on the effect of cellphones upon drivers. The conclusion of the study found that people driving while talking on cellphones drove with as much attention and care as those who drove .08 under the influence. Incidentally, it did not matter whether they held the phone to their ears or used a headset/speakerphone.

Just found it interesting.


posted by  ziffgone

It's been illegal over here for quite some time ... and good thing too!!! I don't know how you can question it, people are no where near as aware or alert while driving with a mobile phone in their hand. Apart from the fact that you have one less hand to drive with, you're usually not in a focussed frame of mind. The number of times I've seen people make stupid moves on a road when they're talking on a phone .... :cussing:

posted by  windsonian

Basically, Bluetooth technology allows components containing Bluetooth technology to "talk" with one another wirelessly. So if your phone has blue tooth and your car kit has bluetooth, you can just put your phone down, talk into your car kit and the car kit will transmit all the data into your phone which then sends it to whomever your talking to.

If your house had Bluetooth, you could have your car tell your house when you are pulling into the driveway, the house could open your garage door, turn on your lights, and even put on your favorite TV station before you even get out of the car. (of course your TV and other components would also need to have Bluetooth for all this to work)

There was big promise for Bluetooth but the industry has been holding back on adopting it for various reasons.

Want to know more: Bluetooth (

posted by  theman352001

The few people who actually do cause problems while on a cell phone are the same people who would have problems while singing with the radio or talking to passengers. Normally the ones you see swerving around can't pay attention even without the phone.

I've seen accidents caused by people looking fora french fry they dropped, or digging in their glovebox fora CD or cassette, or talking to their friend in the car, or staring at a pretty girl walkin down the sidewalk. I got rear ended by a girl looking at the display in a store window....

Seriously, it isn't the phone that's the problem. The few studies that have been done have gone INTO the study thinking they were a problem and worked the data to prove it. :cussing:

posted by  ChrisV

^^ i agree... I think the law says that you aren't allowed to have a screen visible to the driver (in the UK).

posted by  hajamie

I have to disagree with you ... I understand your point, but disagree.

Just because people do other stupid stuff (shop windows, french fries etc) doesn't mean that talking on a phone is any less stupid. That's like saying bombs are ok, because people die from cancer anyway.

posted by  windsonian

well not really but ok.... i agree! stupid people should not be allowed to talk and drive, i can , but most of you shouldn't be allowed :mrgreen: . oh and it's either the hot chick or the smooookin car that throws me off, those are the only 2 exceptions, my only fender bender was because of Baracuda, i manage to keep my head in the game even when the hotties are out, but when you see a prize car.....nothing else matters :ohcrap:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

well, it is illegal here in new york but is certainly isn't stopping anybody.

i personally think if you can smoke a cigarette you can talk on a cell phone. if not you are going to get into an accident anyways.

posted by  carls47807

That was quite a stretch. I have to disagree with you. People do stupid stuff all the time in cars, so unless we start making cars that have an isolated area for the driver away from all other distrations then the cellphone thing is bull. Drinking from a soda or eating in the car is every bit as distracting as a cellphone. I've seen people pull more dumb stunts w/o a cellphone in their hand than with.

posted by  Bino

No, the point is that demonizing one potential issue, while ignoring all the other things that have been known to be dangerous, is retarded. We already HAVE laws to take care of reckless driving and not paying atention. If we allow another law SPECIFICALLY for phones, then we open the door to laws against every other potential distraction.

Just use the f*cking laws about dangerous driving that are already on the f*cking books, and quit making EVERYTHING about the lowest common denominator.

F*ck. Driving laws are already about protecting the stupid from themselves or us from them while penalizing those that HAVE any sort of skill. I'm f*cking tired of it.

Talking on the phone itself isn't stupid. Doing it if you have ADD and no driving skill IS.

I mean, people have accidents and die at 60mph. So why don't we ban any car that is CAPABLE of exceeding that speed, so that those that are too unskilled to drive safely over that speed don't have the chance of having accidents and killing themselves or someone else. It's the same mentality!

We already HAVE reckless driving laws that take care of people doing stupid shit while driving. ENFORCE THEM! If someone is swerving all over the road while talking on a phone USE THE LAW ALREADY ON THE BOOKS instead of penalizing the thousands that don't have a f*cking problem with it!

posted by  ChrisV

ummm when someone mentioned bluetooth car kits...there really is no such thing...

in regards to cell phones and bluetooth...

what it is, is that you have a cell phone that has bluetooth, for instance, the motorola v551. then you have a headset that is also bluetooth. you can have the phone anywhere in the car, and have the bluetooth enabled on it, and the headset will work wirelessly.

think about it the simple way. Old headsets had a wire running from the earpiece/microphone to the phone itself. Remove that wire, and you have bluetooth.

as for dangerous drivers. I see more accidents caused by senior citizens, who are sitting there, paying attention to nothing but the road in front of them, hands at 10 and 2, then by most people talking to other people in the car, having a drink, or talking on their cellphone. I believe that in this day and age, that senior citizens should have to be re-tested for their license when they turn 65, and every 3-5 years later. By that age, your average senior citizen has lost the majority of their reaction times, range of vision, or just degeneration of sight, or loss in memory.

Nothing scares me worse then seeing a senior citizen who takes five minutes to get in or out of their vehicle at a parking lot...if they can only move that fast doing something like that, how quick do you think they can react to a change around them...someone cutting them off, an accident happening in front of them, someone crossing the road, hitting a patch of ice, blowing a tire?

Or, theres always the vision issue, my grandpa is bad for this, and I wish he would lose his license. He has a cataract in one eye, so he has a dead spot, but he also drives with tunnel vision, he rarely checks when he makes lane changes. He is not the only person I see doing this, I see a lot of seniors doing that, only looking one way before pulling out into traffic, cutting off someone else.

The loss in memory, well, it isn't just that, I just do not know how else to word it...what I mean by that, is when they forget what they are doing, specifically, hitting the gas instead of the brakes, putting the car into the wrong gear, random things like that.

Granted, I will admit, there are younger people who are just as bad, and I honestly do not see how they got their license in the first place.

But what really needs to be done, instead of finding things to blame poor driving on, is to find out who the poor drivers are.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Better yet, get real driver's ed, and REAL driving schools. Not scare tactics about accidents and a lecture on three point turns.

posted by  ChrisV

yeah, the ones done in school are pretty weak, at least where I live, they all give us drivers ed for free....with 20 other kids at the same time. Some of those in there, I fear for my life when I am on the road with them driving, because we do not get a lot of one on one time for learning/driving.

Fortunately, I grew up on a farm, and consequently, grew up driving. Plus my dad taught me a couple of different tricks and gave some tips that were never mentioned in drivers ed.

the other thing i do not really like is when a 16yr old is handed the keys to a brand new car. I went to one of those "rich schools" (88grandprixse - leboldus, if you wonder at all), where the majority of the kids got a brand new car when they got their license. That teaches them NOTHING about valuing and taking care of a car. If someone has to buy their own vehicle, and maintain it, they would probably care a little bit more about what happens around them and to their vehicle. I am one of those kinds of people, hell, my first car(which is in the shop right now with a blown head gasket), I had to pay for, plates, gas, and everything. I do not need to get it wrecked.

Oh yeah, the other thing that I notice in regards to bad driving - poor timing, people thinking they can beat traffic when crossing an intersection or street. We have a major street that runs on the border of the city, that ends on the transcanada highway. At that intersection, you have to cross the westbound lanes, to get onto the eastbound lanes. I see so many people crossing the highway to go east, when there really isnt much time at all for the westbound traffic to pass through the intersection(going 100km/h), or to speed up to avoid having an eastbound vehicle running up their @$$. (i hope this makes sense....if need be, i'll photoshop a diagram so that you can see what i am talking about...much easier to see then to hear, unless you live here(I'm sure 88GrandPrix knows what I am talking about...lewvan & #1))

posted by  dodgerforlife

Is that so........ Bluetooth Car Kits ( 7)

Then why do thay call it that?

posted by  theman352001

im talking about the kind of car kits they were referring to. mounted cradle, a speaker, antenna coupler, power wire....they dont exsist for bluetooth. sure, theres a single piece thats bluetooth enabled, but its not the same style as they used to be.

posted by  dodgerforlife

is it still legal to use these Bluetooth wireless car kits in the states where "talking on the cell phone while driving" is illegal? If so, this seems to be a great opportunity for Bluetooth

posted by  evanmendel

For about two years it's prohibited to answer cell phone calls in Germany also.
I still keep my phone on while driving, and yes, I do answer the calls, but make it short. If the situation (the traffic) needs my concentration -- I just let it ring...

posted by  lutz

Lutz, thats a good idea (letting it ring) cause obviously nothing really comes before your own safety. I dont really know what the laws are here but i think its still legal to use them while driving, for now anyways. Its not only phones that distract people (as mentioned many times before by others), there is a number of things that can attract peoples attentions and therefore cause problems but it just seems easier to pin it on the use of cell phones until there banned while driving, then what do they blame accidents on?

posted by  car_crazy89

...Pin-Up girls, your dram car or even the cops... :laughing:

posted by  lutz

Haha thats true, but those are all important things to us, are they not? :laughing: Unlike some women who are distracted by shoes/clothing, make-up, etc lol. Whats more distracting is seeing everything you mentioned at once (hot pin-up girl driving your dream car and being chased/pulled over by police). Some things just seem worth the risk though.

posted by  car_crazy89

Nice combination! What about the hot girl is the cop? :wink2:

posted by  lutz

Haha, that also works, never thought of that combination lol :hi: . Anything to do with hot girls and nice cars or hot girls WITH/IN nice cars is good enough for me and any other guy i bet.

posted by  car_crazy89

To be honestly I'd never lost my focussing on the traffic, except for a great song on the radio. That's the reality. :laughing:

posted by  lutz

Lol well i cant drive so i havent even had a chance to lose focus on traffic :laughing: but my times coming.

posted by  car_crazy89

Don't get one's hopes up too soon. :laughing:

posted by  lutz

Oh i wont, but no matter what i still cant wait till the time comes. Although i'm not purposely gonna be distracted :laughing: . Thats a No No. :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

You'll be surprised that even some (older) people over here got distracted to "beautiful landscapes" while driving 60mph on a high speed motorway called Autobahn . :laughing:

posted by  lutz

Haha i know, never say never. I'm already afraid of old people drivers, and sometimes women. :laughing: Only been hit by a car once and was surprised it was an older man in a Mercedes lol and not a women. :wink2:

posted by  car_crazy89

...women who has been distracted by men? :laughing:

posted by  lutz

Haha or other women? lol j/k. Well i remeber this one time seeing a woman driving on the Highway (401) while putting on make-up AND talking on the phone. That was scary. It looked kinda like the same car maybe a mile up the Highway facing the wrong way with some front end damage. Coincidence? Probably not.

posted by  car_crazy89

The main thing is that the make-up and the hair are perfect. :laughing:

posted by  lutz

Lol ya, gotta look good no matter the circumstances. Probably kept going with the make-up even after the incident, also gotta look good for the cops and maybe talk/flirt your way out.

posted by  car_crazy89

..I'm saying that...

posted by  lutz

nice sig carls47807 :thumbs: :thumbs:

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