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Today sara (my GF) got me the best gift ever! I don’t know where she got it, but she says a garage sale.
In any case I get a box filled to the brim with Fiero literature. I took my first look at this stuff, I have sales brochures for appears to be every year, shop manuals, photo copies of memos concerning the Fiero, one original memo, photos from shows, original copies of owner Fiero including the first issue, and even photos (not copies, originals) that were used in the sales brochures with stuff on the back of them that says what to say in the sales brochures, and what appear to be official release statements that concerned the Fiero. Everything is stamped with "general motors design library technical center" stamp.

gosh I could spend all night looking through this box... wow... just wow. thats all I can

Little fix, the press releases are what I believe they sent around the office before they went to press as they all say “For release Date”.

Ill be posting more in tonight or tom, in better quality once I have the scanner set up.
So much stuff... so much.
An original office memo concerning what is to be said about the 86 Fiero in a press release.
A few original photos used in brochures.
and some more.

posted by  TheFieroKid

keep your eye's on the prize b4 you enjoy those gifts you better give sara something from the tickle trunk, she deseves it :mrgreen:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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