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well, a friend of mine lent me his ps2 (my whore of a gf has mine) and GT4.

back at his place and another friend's place, we could play 2 player mode just fine, despite the lack of the racing tires. still, i had a 2.5 supra with only 299hp and a friend of mine was using an mr-2 with 291hp.

the thing is, at his house, my car could go off the line just fine along with his in 2 player mode. but now at my place, my car gets stuck doing burn outs all the way to 3rd gear. i turned on the tcs and asm in options n even used the boost setting on mild, n the car still couldnt get a grip.

wtf do i have to do to get my car back to running just fine? could it be that i need to stiffen up the springs? also, i have the tcs n asm (understeer only) activated in its set up in 1player mode, and it actually moves very well in single player mode even with the sport tires.

so any ideas wats wrong with the car?

if not, then gt4 really is krap thanks to the lame 2player mode :(

posted by  Inygknok

I dunno what the hell happened to your car

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Thats crazy. Did you have a good connection to the PS2 with your controller?

posted by  StiMan

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