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well, i finally decided


why? ill explain.

first, such a freaking long time waiting for the game to be released, just to have a lot more things lost than gained.

1- u still cant test drive the cars before buying them.

2- upgrading the cars is as still as monotone.

3- in 2 player mode, u can only use sport tires which are complete crap if the car is too heavily modified

4- if using a car from a memory card, TCS and ASM are deactivated automatically, even if the car is stock.

5- the spoiler selection is quite ricey

6- if u buy rims, they dont appear as already sold, in fact, u cant even change them around in between ur cars

7- cant change the color of the cars after buying them.

8- still no damage, even if u could atleast turn it on or off

9- the b-spec driver is not that smart tbh

10- car selection isnt really that big, since there are even different types of evolution III's but only one single new mustang and i dont even know how many different skyline r-34's

11- so many freaking race cars........

12- they really should have added a drag racing event for both, simulation and 2player modes.

13- cars dont actually get dirty but for some reason, according to the instructions manual, their aerodynamics get affected?

14- it's supposed to be the "real driving simulator" but for some unknown reason i can still drift with a toyota tacoma and my friend can drift with a dodge ram........

and those are only the reasons i could remember while playing onimusha 3

posted by  Inygknok

Au Contraire, Pierre.

GT 4 rules, in my mind.

1. This part's a bad move on the creators.
2. Yeah, but it's the tuning that's fun to mess around with.
3. Haven't touched 2 player yet, so I can't comment.
4. N/A.
5. True, they need SPOILERs, and not wings. It can't be that hard to design some spoilers, so why didn't they?
6. That's kinda of a real-life thing. I see your point, though.
7. Yeah, I thought that that should've been added also.
8. there should be a turn on/off option, would be cool in endurance races, added depth to realism.
9. Then I don't believe you have enough points for it. My B-Spec runs some faster times than I do because I've used it so much.
10. True, but that might be a licensing part also. I'd like to see some of the bigger performance names put in; ferrari, lambo, Porsche, Koenniseg, etc. etc.
11. And that's a bad thing?
12. True, maybe with some top fuel dragsters would be fun.
13. I haven't noticed anything....
14. Anything is possible :mrgreen:

I love the game, it's incredibly visually realistic, taking photos alone is fun, you get the tuners involved, more car companies, more racetracks, more realistic suspension, great sound, classics thrown into the mix. Even with it's shortfalls, it's still an awesome game.

posted by  Godlaus

I liked what they did w/the rims in GT3...you bought a rim...you had it for all your cars...plus anyone else notice that these rims are exactly the same ones from GT2? I liked GT3's better

B-Spec sucks ass.

I really dont miss drag racing on any level...this is not what this game is about

Test drive cars? It's not that hard to make money in this game...just win the Rally d'Aria and you got yourself 275k Cr. in the Special Conditions section on Easy. (sell the Toyota Raid Rally Car)

Upgrading...well...it isnt a glamours part of the game...I liked how auto modellista did it w/mods...you buy stage 5 turbo kit for your first car...you could apply it to any car you got hence after.

Tires in 2 player mode...yea that sucks but I guess it's hard to fathom a 3 series BMW w/race tires...I guess the best you can do is some soft Sport tires...

Spoiler section was a complete waste of time...and so is washing your car.

The damage is a controversial part of the game...I think alot of the car makes wouldnt give out their license if there was damage...then there cars look like crap...so...I dont mind not having damage...I like how they added the ability to create penalties...for instance...you slam into a wall...you get held back for 5 seconds doing around 31 mph...that really adds up if you arent smooth...

I like having multiple types of R34's to choose from...who cares about the Mustang anyways...lol.

Too many race cars? I think you're sick in the head.


posted by  NISSANSPDR

over-all its good gameplay

these are the things to me that i really wanted:

paint shop - so i can get the right colours for the second hand cars i bought

different wings - too "bland" for it

aero packages - diffuser (i think cant remember the name for those kits at the rear of the car, it was on the dodge concept viper) and other things

drifting competitions - D1JP D1US (just thought of it, would be pretty fun)

and a helluva lot more just dont have the time to think of it

posted by  ahoo

I'm thinking that there should be;

-Something like the franchise mode in the madden series, where you own ferrari racing, or a driver, such as sebastian Bordeux, and you make money off of him, race as him in his CART or Champ or F1 races, or just oversee his progress.

-More choice of Formula one cars

-Tires for the bloody polyphony F1

-A better AI (my B-spec f1 car can win the F1 car championship race without any supervision

-Paint after buying

-Wing/Spoiler selection

-Racing decals

-Car damage

-Drivers that compete, like you, and enter your races, like a rival that follows you around. There would be lik 6 other real drivers that progress like you do, just like in real life.

-Night/Day in the 24 hr races

-Able to change race conditions

-Drag car races (top fuel, funny car, etc.)


Lets keep the list going..........

posted by  Godlaus

To the first three...no...there's a game put out by EA Sports called F1...so you have your F1 fill there.

Racing decals...if you mean like little stickers like NOS...hells no!!! Now if we are talking about full on decal race schemes like the ones that the IMSA 300ZX had or the BRE Datsun 510...etc...than ok...I miss that mode from GT1 where you could get any car, new or used, and make it look like a racing car.

To the car damage...see above post about that...

Drag car races w/Funny cars?...umm...yeah...see above post...next thing you know you're gonna want to have the Daytona Speedway track on there...and not the infield course!!! AHHHH NASCAR!!!! Or worse...monster trucks!

Motorcycles? Buy Moto GP for that...next thing you know you're gonna want Segways..lol

(Part in fun, but part serious)


posted by  NISSANSPDR

basically if they combined tokyo extreme racer zero and GT4 then the game would be awsome.

posted by  Import-tuner

Now put the two together, and you got an amazing game.

I was thinking along the lines of the thing in GT1. Always wondered why they took it away.

Maybe, but their cars are also being beaten by better cars. So, I'm pretty sure it's not the marketing. I have an interview with GT4's creator in my room in a mag somewhere (*starts digging through piles of clothes, throwing crap across the room*)....can't find it right now, will post about it later.

No, just the straight line ones. Nascar is too boring. Ask anyone who goes to a NASCAR race, they go for the atmosphere, beer, and the crashes, not the race, which is what GT4 is about, the drive of your life.

You know it :mrgreen: Hell, if we can throw in carriages from the 1880s, we can throw in everything else.

I can dream, can't I?

posted by  Godlaus

It wouldnt be called GT4 then...it'd be like Wheeled Mayhem or something...

posted by  NISSANSPDR


posted by  ahoo

I'm suprised nobody mentioned the lack of Reverse lights on the cars....Now that really bugs me, reminds me of Ridge Racer. You'd have thought that by now Polyphony would have added this obvious touch, given the claim that it's 'The real driving simulator'....Also the way the wrong lights illuminate when braking bugs me (GT2 had the same problem, unless you really know the cars it happens to in the metal, you may not notice this, it usually involves the whole light cluster illuminating) :banghead:

In response to those of you who dont notice the cars getting dirty...I have, not so much dirty as the paint work looks kinda like a Mat finish :ohcrap:

I think it's still a great game though! :thumbs:

And Inyg, would you take a brand new motor back to the Show room after purchasing it and demand a different colour?....This is spose'd to be 'The real driving simulator' :hi:

posted by  Cliffy

yes i would..... cuz i can :D

posted by  Inygknok

There just aint no pleasing some people, every sales persons worst nightmare, huh? lol :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

What's the world coming to if you can't return a motor that's the wrong shade of turquoise?

posted by  windsonian

Turquoise in any shade should be right....great colour (that's why I use it alot lol).

Back on to GT4....Why is Lexus under US cars? :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Because Lexus does not exist in Japan...all the "Lexus" cars over there are sold as Toyota's...same w/Infiniti and Acura...those were luxury branches that needed to be made up so the US market can feel good about spending an extra 10k on a Camry that was rebadged and got some wood and leather and called an ES300.

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Hmm. In real life, if I buy a set of wheels for my PT, I can't put them on my Fiat... And if I bought a supercharger kit for teh PT, it wouoldnt' fit on teh Comet...

I dont' know what people are griping about... It's a great game that looks awesome. But it IS a japanese game so there will be more japanese cars.

posted by  ChrisV

why am i surprised at the fact that chrisv plays this game?

anyhow, if u buy a set of rims for say.... the pt cruiser, and then u decide on changing them, the old set of rims dont show up as bought, even if its just for that car.

posted by  Inygknok

I understand now....but Lexus is still a Japanese branch of Toyota...atleast that's how we see it in the UK :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

but not in good old contradictional America :D

posted by  Inygknok

Yup...I'm understandin' ya :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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