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Hey everyone! I wanted to stop and in and say hello. Sorry I've posted next to nothing in the past months, but I've been slaving away on my personal fitness campaign. And in just over 4 months, I have lost 51 lbs. and 7 BMI points. So if anyone wondered, I have been spending all my free time at the gym, mainly doing Spinning, which, by the way, is the most addictive activity ever invented. (For anyone not acquainted with Spinning, it is indoor cycling on stationary bikes. It's amazing. The reason it is called spinning is because the inventor's name is Johnny G. Spinning)

So celebrate for me by eating some cake, b/c I sure can't! Not all bad though. I've become accustomed to my new lifestyle. I feel so much more.... alive. And all the comments and stares of people I haven't seen in a while are amazing.

posted by  Patrick

BMI points? Big Mama Invitation points?

posted by  Inygknok

No need to be sorry, I was sick of reading comments from your bitch-ass.

posted by  -What-

Whoa where did that come from?

posted by  99integra

BMI points stands for Body Mass Index. It's a rule for determining if one is overweight. And to you, What, I hope you find yourself to be good company because you are going to be without any friends for quite some time. As far as I am considered, you are no better than the shit that drops out of my ass, so I really don't care whether you're happy or not! So roll that up in your pipe and smoke it.

Piece of shit.

posted by  Patrick

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