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in november there's gonna be another need for speed! it's called need for speed most wanted and it's pretty much a mix between underground and hot pursuit 2. you can customize anything from muscle cars to supercars in anyway you want. i can hardly wait! :mrgreen:

posted by  enzo

So hopefully they will have cops? That pissed me off on underground and underground 2. No police. That would be fun, running from the cops in a little car, bashing off the roads with the big suvs. hahaha.

posted by  DSMDriver

yup, they have police and they're going to be harder to get away from too.

posted by  enzo

OMG there going to Riceout Lambos and cars like that?


posted by  Mrixon

That sounds like it should be a pretty good game. Should really sell.

posted by  car_crazy89

i don't think so. i hope they don't either, but it's not like you have to rice out every car on the game.

posted by  enzo

if you want to check it just go to the search bar and type in need for speed most wanted.

posted by  enzo

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