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Like I said when I first joined this site, I don't know anything serious about cars, I just how to drive them but I have another question for you guys. What does supercharged exactly mean?? Yes I know I can search it on-line but I would rather you guys answer it for me. thnx!! :D

posted by  Morphias87

Supercharged means a car has a supercharger.

A supercharger is very basically an air pump. They are normally crankshaft driven via belt, but sometines a chain or gear drive is used. The supercharger forces more air into the induction side of the engine. More air means more oxygen. More oxygen means you can support combustion of more fuel. More combustion means more power.

Simple, huh?

posted by  vwhobo

Ohhh, thnx for the help.

posted by  Morphias87

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