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:D :D

posted by  BavarianWheels

who doesnt?

posted by  Satty101

I sure knew...i think he cokes up too.

posted by  SuperJew

I just think he's a total moron! 8) :D

posted by  vwmaniac

....i always figured he was a "toker"... no, not really, but it does give the opportunity to answer a lot of questions about him

posted by  mazda6man

solve all ur problems... elect me emperor of the world and everyone on this forum will get a car of thier choise :twisted: it would be great.

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

like theres enough world debt already... :D

posted by  SuperJew

is it just me, or does the guy on the top right of the pick look a lot like cheech?

posted by  mazda6man

Gee...your ability to find the clandestine face amazes me!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

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