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hi girls! i jus bought a sound blaster live! from circuitcity for 30 bucks! and got a logitech x-530 5.1 sound system....it supose to be a surround sound but theres only 2 speaker that is working! supose to be all 5! u kno the color coded jack on the sub wo0fer? yeah it seems that only 1 hole work and dats the white one...cound it be defected? hmmm

im not sure if its the sound system or the sound card...i cant seems to solve the problem i follow all the instruction on the manual correctly but still no work! my sound card support 5.1 it says on teh box but how cum it no work!!!? i plug all the color coded to the right match color and everything. i install the sound card driver properly. i went to control panel and went to speaker setting and put 5.1 already but still no work!

any idea???

posted by  BigBadBrat

Are you plugging the sound card straight into the speakers, or straight into the sub, or into a receiver?

posted by  windsonian

ummm lets see...

1) what program are you using for music?

2) is the sound card setup program set for 5.1?

posted by  dodgerforlife

2) he did say he set it up in control panel ... provided the sound card is installed correctly, this should do it. And soundblasters are pretty well recognised by windows.

posted by  windsonian

no, i was referring to the program that comes with the card. not control panel. a completely separate application.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Dude I have the same set up. Goto control panel, Audio HQ (make sure you have the latest drivers from Soundblaster website, this is important http://www.soft32.com/download_4034.html) then goto speakers in this section and make sure it is set to 5. Then all of them should work. Those speakers frigin rock to man :)

posted by  Predator64dd

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