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here are some of my photoshop mods (well theyre all done on paint cos i dont have photoshop) plz tell me what you think. I want to get a job as a graphic designer once im 17, and get a business who virtually mods cars for people before they buy the parts to see what they look likC:/Desktop/My Documents/My Pictures/VXR Red Dragon.jpg

posted by  photoshopmodder

I don't know how to upload photos. Do i have to have the image on a website? you can see what i did above and it obviously didnt work. Help please! :banghead:

posted by  photoshopmodder

you need to upload the pics somewhere. Imagestation, cardomain, photobucket, etc.

posted by  Satty101

You can always go and quickly register here and then after uploading the pics you want, right click on them, go to properties and copy the address in there: I just used it and it worked for me.

posted by  car_crazy89

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