Gotta love em Lambos.........

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Here are some pics of my new Murcielago

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*drooling on the keyboard

posted by  mazda6man

Man that is a sweet car ! I would love to drive that car. Maybe one day I will be able to afford a true sports car like that.I own a Dodge Avenger Es and I am making that my exotic. :D

posted by  Enyce

ya and i own a McLaren F1 ya right that aint your car! lol

posted by  carlover

Probably have no right to say this given that I have been here all of five mins but I'm going to anyway, here goes. And you never tell any porkies Carlover?

posted by  Cliffy

atleast my porkies come true....... everything i said i either jsut got or i ownd....

posted by  carlover

I swear, if you didn't lie you wouldn't have anything to say. :rolleyes:

posted by  vwhobo

can someone tell me what the hell "porkies" are??

posted by  SuperJew

bah you dont understand me.....

posted by  carlover

Porkies means Bullshit, Lies etc

Anyway carlover, enough with the BS

posted by  57ock

lol, Sorry, porky pies=lies (London ryming slang), and Carlover, the reason I say that is because I sat here the other day reading all the new posts and in that couple of hours I noticed that you own or have owned a Merc SL55, numerous SUV's have done doughnuts in the snow on ya driveway, have been on a driving lesson with ya sisters driving instructor and you tell us that you are just 12yrs old? how strange lol :D

posted by  Cliffy

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