What kind of cell phones you all have?

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hello all...just another odd/stupid question. what kind of cell phones do you have? (if you have one). i have the Motorola V60i


posted by  SuperJew

I'm still pimpin my old ass Kyocera QCP 3000.


posted by  Ground Rat

i have the sony ericsson t300, but im trying to get the t610

posted by  Mr. Horsepower

i have a nokia 3585i i belive. sorry but the attachment thing is being gay so no pic

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

Here's mine:


posted by  StarAvengerGirl

My phone doesn't always have that great of reception...

posted by  BavarianWheels

damn BW thats old old old school....

posted by  SuperJew

wellllzzz i have those old brick phones that look like they would use em in the army, i think its an ericson, yeah its cool. im not a techno buff... :cool:

posted by  Acid_burn

i have a nokia 7250i, its cool but the camera is a bit sucky!

posted by  Flying_Dane

this POS

posted by  mazda6man

POS my ass...its color!

posted by  SuperJew

compared to the phone im tryin to get, just need a little more money, its a POS

...heres the one i want

posted by  mazda6man

I got a sony Ericcson T610.

posted by  Porsche Fan

I'm pimpin my Kyocera Phantom KX414


::EDIT:: Sorry, I tried to post a pic but that link leeds to the picture and the picture ONLY!

posted by  Satty101

I have the Nokia 3595

posted by  Car Guy

let me go thru my list.....first i had some old flip ericsson then i got a nokia 8290 then a nokia 3300 then a v70 now i just got the t610 from my sister about 4days ago sinc emy lil brother threw my v70.....if you have the t610 i ened help with my internet can someone please IM if they know how to set ip uo

posted by  pito11414

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