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what's the top on your list when it comes to automobiles? i guess i'll start.. i've been a bimmer fanatic all my life.. my favorite car is the BMW M3. i'll take the e30, e36, or e46 anyday. i love all three of them. eventually i'll get one of those and a 6 series.. and perhaps a X5 for later.. :cool2:

posted by  V960

My favorite car all time is the Jeep CJ-7. Bugatti is high on the list too.

posted by  Bubba

i really dont have 1 favorite car cause i like the 04 cobras an muscle cars an big trucks like dodge duallys or little trucks like chevys so its hard 2 pick 1 fav car

posted by  hhsrastler92

Bugatti Veyron 16.4
Acura NSX
Acura Integra Type-R
Ferrari GTO
Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari GT
Porsche Carrera GT
Lotus Elise
Nissan R34 Skyline
Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo
Mazda RX-7 Twin-Turbo
67 GTO(The Judge)
65 Mustang
69 Charger
These are all mine, and this was even narrowed down :laughing: :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

Hey 99integra, you forgot to mention them with the 454 in them :laughing: . I love anything old (muscle cars) and a few newer cars. All time favourite (older) is 1969 Charger R/T 426 Hemi and also the 1969 Daytona or 1970 Superbird with the 426. Gotta love HEMI :smoke:

posted by  car_crazy89

Hmmm...basically any Mustang but my personal favortie top 10 cars of all time are:
1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 (Cant deny that car :mrgreen: )
1984-86 Ford Mustang Predator Cobra (EXTREMELY RARE Ive only seen 2 in my lifetime :drool: )
1977 Ford Maverick
1989 Lamborghini Countach
1970 Dodge Charger (I dont care if its a R/T or not)
1970 Dodge Dart Demon/Plymouth Duster 340
1998 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi
1984 Mustang GT
1993 Mustang LX 5.0L
1967-68 Mustang Fastback GT

I also like the Toyotas and Mazdas but they just arent in my top 10.

posted by  FordFromHell351

So you're a a mustang guy? mustangs are nice but i personally am going farther and farther away from the mustangs because they are trying too hard to make mustangs like they used to in the muscle car days. i like the new mustang but in my opinion they failed to successfully bring the muscle car feel back in the mustang.

posted by  V960

Well their styling didnt really fit that of the classic "muscle car" there for a while until the new 2005 model came out. But they have always had that muscle car engine sound and feel without a doubt. It was the same with the Camaro, Trans Am, and Firebird. They just didnt have the look you know?

This new Dodge Charger that is coming out dosent look one bit like a muscle car, in fact it looks like your every day family sedan. But all the engine you could ask for is there.

posted by  FordFromHell351

but doesn't the syling come into play while making a muscle car? if you think about it most of the muscle cars back then somewhat looked the same

posted by  V960

:thumbs: my fav car is the eclipse spyder :thumbs:

posted by  google.com

Completely disagree. As the past owner of 3 '70 Mustang fastbacks (one sportsroof, one Mach 1 and one BOSS 302), and having been around when the original Mustangs were new, I feel Ford hit the mark dead on with the new Mustang, making it feel evolutionary of the classics, while being completely modern in detail and ability. They succedded COMPLETELY in bringing the musclecar feeling back, as well as improving on everything the old musclecars were not: well built, reliable, liveable, and good handling.

posted by  ChrisV

No. Most of the muscle cars back in the day look similar to YOU because you weren't a product of that era. Those of us around then found each of those cars to be quite distinct.

So,of course they look the same to you, as they were all late '60s cars. They looked like late '60s cars, not '90s cars or '30s cars. All cars look like other cars of their era and role for the most part. late '60s cars look like late '60s cars, just like '90s cars look like '90s cars, '50s cars look like '50s cars, and '30s cars look like other '30s cars. That isn't because the designers INTENTIONALLY designed them to look like those eras, but simply because that's how cars of those eras were styled.

posted by  ChrisV

Yea, its just like today, Admit that the civic and focus, sunfire and cavilier, all look alike. Not exact, but our grandkids are going to think they all look like carbon copies while we see humongous differences.

posted by  Zalight

true true... good point. that idea really never occured to me.

posted by  V960

the best any holden racer :driving:

posted by  griffin

My favorite is always changing. Now it's the BMW 330ci, e46. Followed by:
Acura TSX
Cadillac STS
Mercedes SLK
Cadillac XLR
Infiniti QX56
Infiniti G35 (both coupe and sedan)
GMC Yukon
GMC Envoy
and the Mustang

posted by  moostang104314

McLaren F1 GTR
Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari GT
Impala SS (gotta have a lowrider)
R34 Skyline
Ford GT
Prototype Shelby Cobra

posted by  ahoo

haha exotic cars.. :thumbs: oh.. and the lowrider. can't forget that. i should have a favorite lowrider. oh well... if i had a list of favorite exotic cars the Ford GT would be at the top of my list. i absolutely love that car. and the thing i love even more about it is the fact that americans can build ferrari and lamborghini beaters. maybe it won't beat the McLaren but who knows how they'll do head to head. has any car magazine tested them head to head?

posted by  V960

you don't like the Acura TL? good choice with the 3 series though. do you like the new 3 series thats coming out?

posted by  V960

I know that question wasn't directed at me but the new BMW's look the same, personally I liked it when they had character :2cents:

posted by  99integra

R32 GT-R.


2nd fav S15


posted by  GreekWarrior

...:umh: ...

i actually have to disagree on that one. the new 5 series clearly looks a lot different from the new 3 series which in turn looks extremely different from the new 6 series and the z4. :doh: back before the e46 3-series came out all the bimmers looked the same.. to me now they all have character because of their new lines that clear distinct them from one another. yea? :cool2:

posted by  V960

can't remmeber but wasnt there a faster car thn the McLaren? sledgehammer or sumthin

posted by  ahoo

Hondas and Acuras, particularly Honda Accords and S2000s, and Acura TLs and RLs.

posted by  hondaman

The TL's styling is great, but I do like the TSX's better. As for the new 3-series, it definitely looks like a more modern and luxurious car, but I do favor the classic design of the e46.

posted by  moostang104314

yea probably.. car manufactures are ALWAYS making faster and faster cars.

posted by  V960

This is the sledgehammer:

And It might be faster than the McLaren F1, but that doesn't matter because its not a production vehicle, is a highly modified car.

posted by  Zalight

0-60 mph: 3.9 sec
0-100 mph: 9.4 sec
Quarter Mile: 10.6 sec @ 127 mph
Skidpad: .98g
Top Speed: 254 mph
Braking, 60-0 mph: 122 ft
Slalom Speed: 65.6 mph

its acceleration times to 0-60 are slower than the mclaren but what is the top speed of the mclaren? and the sledgehammer has a pretty slow slalom speed.

posted by  V960

My favorite car hands down would be a 71 cuda convertible :clap:

posted by  79scottsdale

oh ok i thoguht it was just a rumor but yeah still like the mclaren better than any car

posted by  ahoo

Dodge Challenger 440 or R34 Skyline GTR Z-tune

posted by  desertsoldier22

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