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so, i started off with six pictures, taken one right after the other with no changes in film settings, just changes in the focus (unfortunately the program i'm using to import the pics from CD automatically "corrects" the color)
then i used a program known as PTAssembler ( which basically "stitches" the pics together, and i got the bottom three pics

here's what i started with: 9c83114&size= ( 49c83114&size=) eab2b39&size= ( 2eab2b39&size=) 23a7fce&size= ( 123a7fce&size=) 5f9634c&size= ( f5f9634c&size=) 7961e4a&size ( 37961e4a&size=) 97c98ec&size= ( 597c98ec&size=)

here is the first result f4266df&size= ( 2f4266df&size=)

second 7db1aad&size= ( 27db1aad&size=)

third and (for now) final, later i'll get some good phot-editing software and do some real stuff with it, get the colors to match and stuff 8b17d61&size ( 58b17d61&size=)

thoughts? praise?

sooner or later i'll get photoshop, then i'll do a good job

posted by  asa67_stang

I suppose you could consider this thought and praise. I'll be the first to tell you I know nothing about digital photography. However I do like the composition of the seperate photos you took and they look extra cool stitched together. I especially like the first one where they're sort of arched, it give it a feeling of movement. Cool stuff.

posted by  vwhobo

to me, digital photography is like kissin your sister, sure it's nice, but you could do so much better with other equipment :D

which is why i use a Pentax K1000, nothin digital about 'em, only electrical component in it is an automatic light meter

these were taken with a 70-210mm lens

the only thing i use a computer for with my pics is to fix any problems i might have had (crop them, adjust levels, etc.) then i get 'em online
too much to go wrong with on digital cameras, batteries die, memory stick gets full, too many buttons
i like simple

posted by  asa67_stang

wow. i simply don't have the patience for like photo editinag and the like. :thumbs: :clap:

posted by  SuperJew

using that program, it took maybe 20 minutes to get the basic edit (not shown)
5 more to edit a lil bit and get the first version
another 10 min of fine tuning had the last view

that program is real user-friendly, very easy to work with

posted by  asa67_stang

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