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Okay i got a project (stupid procrastinator i am) and i was wondering if you could give me ideas of major events/breakthroughs or significant impacts they caused on the world of transportation? I will also need to put it on a Bristol board and present it. Any and all help and opinions will be appreciated. Thanx.

Would the competition between Dodge, Ford and Chevy in NASCAR in the 60's and 70's fit in? (Superbirds/Daytonas mostly but also Talladagas and w/e else there is/was)

Also, if you know of any sites to maybe go along with your suggestion.

posted by  car_crazy89

Wait...what is this project on? And who are "they"?

posted by  Zalight

National Highway Act.

Government funded to put highways and roads across the entire United States. Probably the biggest event in transportation. (In america, anyway)

posted by  Godlaus

OHHHH OK i feel stupid. I now understand.

If its just any transportation in general, a huge breakthrough was the flight at Kitty hawk by the write brothers, Im sure you could make a decent report about that.

posted by  Zalight

What about the race wars in Europe between Ferrari and Ford in the 1960s?

posted by  FordFromHell351

To be honest i dont know any of the stuff you mentioned lol, now I feel stupid. :oops: :mrgreen:

posted by  car_crazy89

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