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I've been thinking about getting my license (I know there's still a while)...But I wanted to know what types of licenses there are, and what restrictions there are, and when is the soonest that I can drive alone? Also, I live in Ontario, so it's probably different from other areas.

posted by  chris_knows

I think the soonest you'll be able to drive alone would be about 8 months after you turn 16 and get your G1. If you take a course like young drivers it will take 4 months off your wait time for your G2 and it saves you quite a bit on insurance too.

Some others would be your motorcycle licence (M1, M) or you can get a boating licence (think you can already get that, not sure though) and then theres pilots licence and licences to operate heavy machinery.

I'm not sure if this is everything you meant but with the G1, G2, and G licence, i've already been looking into the shortest amount of time since i'm almost 16 lol. Hope this helps answer part of your question.

If you want you can always check out the Young Drivers website, http://www.yd.com/YoungDrivers/default.asp?page_id=1, they also have a 4 1uestion quiz on signs and other road rules.

posted by  car_crazy89

That is right with the 8 months after you get your g1 if you take young drivers, and just for an example on how much money young drivers saves you, I paid $700 for the course and they dropped my insurance from $4500 a year to $2200 a year.

posted by  jarvisx2000

Ontario = Ouch


Saskatchewan has much easier laws(right now...), you get your learners at 15, you can get you license 6 months after you get your learners, provided you're 16. Only thing is, you have to have someone in the car with you who is a fully licensed driver.

Then theres a two year probationary period, in which, if you get two traffic tickets, or an accident that you are at fault for, can be extended to three years. What the probationary period means is that you can not drive with any sort of alcohol in your system whatsoever, and possibly have special restrictions(can't leave city limits, can't travel more then 50/100 kms from home). Sounds retarded, but its to try and stop accidents.

As for our license classes, you start off at a class 5, which allows for cars, vans, trucks, farm trucks with two or three axles. Best part is, farm trucks with air brakes means I don't need an endorsement for it(which my farm truck happens to be(three axle /w air brakes).

but then again, im going for my class 3 license anyways, which is essentially the same as a class 5, but includes the class 4 vehicles(taxis, ambulances, cop cars, buses(less then 24 passengers)). Should be going for it in about a month now, hopefully i'll ace it :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

Well, here in Kansas you can get your learners when your 14, then once you turn 15 you can get your restricted when your 15 (you can drive to school and if you have a job to work, alone) then when you turn 16, you get your drivers.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Here in the UK you can legally drive on a Provisional license with a driver who's been driving for atleast 3yrs....you can also take your full test at the same age...but none of that's relevent to you so I'll shut up lol :thumbs:

You also have the usual vehicle catagories too..ie; Heavy Goods Vehicle classes 1,2 & 3 (Different wieghts) etc :thumbs: :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

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