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Alright,I have gotten permission from Adam(Unfedfat) to advertise this.My friends and I have started our own gaming forums.So far we have 14 members.(pretty sad,huh?)Though the site is only 4 days old!
We have sent in the site to google as well,so that we could start attracting more people into our forums.(the site will show up on google probobally in around 2-3 weeks from now)

Here is the address...

The address says XBOX,but the site also includes board for other consoles!!

Please join...anybody who is interested of course. :mrgreen:

posted by  vwmaniac


posted by  Satty101

really,thanks a bunch!

May,I ask what your username is?
Is it Kev?? :mrgreen:

posted by  vwmaniac

The one that has a Honda Civic from Need For Speed Underground in the sig. :wink2:

and yes, it is Kev. You found me!!!! :clap:

No introductions part of the forum? :umh:

posted by  Satty101


I have that game!Great game!

posted by  vwmaniac

4 days?

wow. 202 posts in 2 days.

posted by  Satty101

Is there a board for atari?

posted by  Bubba

The answer is a google search away!

posted by  Satty101

i need some proof...heh im just kidding.

posted by  SuperJew

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