love that turbo noise

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whee!! (

posted by  asa67_stang

Sounds like a buncha freakin' vacuum cleaners. Cool. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

hahaha! Lovin it! I like the Red and the Black Buick Grand Nationals. The blue Fox body Mustang had a real high pitch scream to it before it actually had the "psshhht" sound. Cool find! :clap:

posted by  Satty101

as you can tell by my name i also love that turbo sound, whenever im driving by myself i turn the radio off and its all the music i need.

posted by  VrrmPshh

Well...that was annoying!! Sounded like my parakeets going crazy!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

LOL :fu:

not funny


posted by  CarEXPERT

Since car expert decided to revive this thread, Might as well add something worthwhile. My dad just got back his '91 Laser RS Turbo back form the shop. You might find it here:
Link (

Well they ended up finding a new turbo vs using a reman, if I remember correctly it is a 16g. I got to drive it only for a short time, but I will say it put a smile on my face. I loved hearing the spooling sound.... that sounds weird coming from me but it was hot. I never really got to "test" it due to driving on city streets, but she can spin rubber in the first 3 gears pretty easlily.

One prob is that it can pull 14psi pretty easy, but can stall out at high RPMs, was wondering, would a Boost Controller slove that, or is it just a feul to air mix problem?

posted by  Voda48

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