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you know what i think that ol' georgie should do with star wars? now that he is finished with the two trilogies, he should either finish to make the ultimate three trilogies, or he should simply make another star wars that is in a different era with different characters that no ones knows (except for Luke), sometime later. like maybe when Luke Skywalker is jedi master at the jedi acadamy, or even passed that. he should make just a single movie of star wars with new characters so that the movie will have sort of the same on-the-edge-of-your-seat effect it did 30 some years ago.

posted by  V960

That right there was the plan with the series back when Empire Strikes Back was made. he proposed a 12 movie stoy arc, with the three made then, the three "prequels" and three later movies. Many novelists and fans have already provided much of the story for the three later movies.

Whether they ever get made or not is another story altogether...

posted by  ChrisV

how old is George?

posted by  V960

61 (born May 14, 1944).

posted by  ChrisV

hey wasn't that the year that Pearl Harbor was attacked? anyway so it took him 40 years (right?) to make the first 6 movies.. i don't think he will accomplish the last 6 do you? unless technology gets so good that he can cut the time it takes to make a movie to 1 year from 3 years...

posted by  V960

Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941.

I think we should give ole George a bit of a break though on the 40 year figure. Afterall, he had a few years when he couldn't even change his own diaper, had to learn english, math, and all that other school stuff, etc....

First movie in 1977, last of the first 3 in 1983 and then he took a break. So 6 years for the first 3 movies. (probably should give him and extra 2 for the work on the first one) Given that, he could finish the last 3 before he reached 70 if he got working right now.

How about it George?? I know I'd love to see them. :thumbs:

posted by  theman352001

I never did ever get into Star Wars.

posted by  Satty101

you would have to have grown up with it like i did. not neccesarily from the very very start but the start of your life. my brother and i grew up with star wars. so its almost in our blood.

posted by  V960

Lol! I saw the original in theaters in '77. At least 10 times. I had a lot of teh toys of the era, and no have the full collection of the original relaease on tape, and the digitally remasterd new versions on DVD, as well as the new episodes.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a geek.. ;)

posted by  ChrisV

haha do you have the remastered cassette widescreen trilogy set? lol

posted by  V960

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