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Who enjoyed that fun little mad-cap "let's refute everything Jay-G says" session?

I thought it was quite funny. By the time you finished reading one post, 3 others had followed it.

posted by  windsonian

I loved it. :mrgreen:

I'll be at 1000 posts in no time. :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

i missed it, but i'm making up for it this morning... :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

it was great fun :thumbs:

but it sucks when he completely ignores some posts :banghead:

posted by  dodgerforlife

Could someone please direct me to it so I may enjoy it :laughing:

posted by  FordFromHell351

just go to general chat and click on either the "what does everyone drive" thread. and the other is the "what does every one do for a job" thread. all the good stuff is towards the back of both of them. :laughing:

posted by  enzo#2

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