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How do you connect a amp to a head deck and how do you connect the amp to the battery. How does the sub get its power, does it come from the amp?

posted by  junkinthetrunk

The first word that comes to mind is Google.

But let's see if I can explain this myself.

The Amplifier(amp) is connected to the Head Unit(HU) with an RCA cable.

The amp is connected to the battery with a large gauge(4/8) wire.

The Subwoofer does not exactly get power, per say, but it does get its signal from the amplifer(which in reality, is power).

Hope that answers your questions.

posted by  dodgerforlife

depending on how big the amp is it needs to be connected by a 4 to 8 gauge wire you need to ground your amp the the chassis of the vehicle the rca jacks to the back of the head unit and the remote wire to the power antenna wire and if that does not work then connect it to the ignition wire in the back of the head unit if no remote wire is not conected the amp will not turn on

posted by  extremeS10

*ennnnnnnnnn(annoying buzzer sound)* wrong. you do NOT need the remote power wire for an amp to be on....all that does is have the amp on when the deck is on. If it isn't there, then the amp would constantly be on, thanks to it being connected directly to the, the remote power wire does not get connected to the power antenna wire - theres a seperate lead on the deck for remote power wires.

Oh, by the way, have you ever heard of punctuation? It really helps sometimes...especially when trying to explain something...

posted by  dodgerforlife

lmao DOODS

ok your answer is you need an amp wiring kit, they got em for 17-25 bucks at walmart depending on how much power. it comes with everthing u need. but if your running a sub you will need a capacitor unless u want ur battery to die. and then get a friend to help u hook it up

posted by  Stem

*small ennn* you dont always need a cap - I don't use one. All a stiffening cap does is provide constant and even power to your amplifier, so that the usage of power by an amplifier doesn't affect other parts of the electrical system in your car(I haven't had a problem with this whatsoever...)

Your right on the wiring kits, and having a friend to help(Doing it alone is a bitch), better then other guys answer lol.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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